How to Tell What Kind of Critter Is In Your Attic

The Midwest is home to many species of nuisance critters. These animals vary in size, habitat, and types of damage done to homes. The one thing they have in common is that their presence needs to be addressed at the first sight of one to avoid serious destruction to your home. You’re probably asking yourself what kind of critter you have in your attic. Regardless of the type of critter you have, we at Holper’s have the solution well in hand.

Critter Damage and the Culprits Behind It

There are different signs of animal presence and damage evidence to look for to determine what type of critter has taken up residence in your attic.

  • Mice–Look for droppings (often in or near corners) and chew marks around baseboards. Their damage is twofold: their droppings create a biohazard in your home, and their chewing damages wood, wiring, and belongings. You may also hear scratching in the attic or walls, primarily at night.
  • Bats–Although bats will sometimes make their presence known by scratching in the walls and emitting a high-pitched sound, most often the first sign of a bat infestation is the frightening experience of seeing one in your home. Once they gain access to your home through a damaged board or louver vent, the risk to you becomes the biohazard of their droppings (guano) and the danger of a potentially rabid bite.
  • Squirrels–If you hear scampering in your attic, or morning or evening scratching in the ceiling or walls between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. or between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., you likely have squirrels in your home. Squirrels create damage to your home when they chew their way in at the gutterline or through a louvered vent. Once inside they can potentially chew wiring and compress your insulation.
  • Raccoons–Raccoons often enter homes by ripping apart a louver vent and sliding into your attic. They may also chew their way in at the gutterline or chew their way in where the dormer meets the house. Raccoons will sometimes use your chimney as a way to get inside. Lastly, raccoons can take down a piece of the aluminum soffit and create an entry point. Besides the damage created to access your home, damage will be done to your attic when a bathroom area is established for the raccoon(s).

The Critter Experts

The one thing all wildlife control has in common is that it needs to be handled by experts, with professional training, materials, and equipment. In St. Louis, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions can handle every type of critter removal, control, and damage. When needed, Holper’s can also serve as nuisance wildlife exterminators. As every wildlife control situation is unique, your Holper’s technician will employ a combination of know-how and trapping skills to give you back your home as quickly as possible. Holper’s will also be able to provide repair and exclusion services for the damage created by the nuisance wildlife. Call Holper’s today at 314-732-1413. Let our decades of experience take care of your critter damage control right away. Your home deserves Holper’s!