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Skunk Removal Made Easy

While many species of wildlife spend winter in total hibernation, unfortunately for us one of the species that doesn’t is the skunk. If you have discovered a skunk residing under your home or near your home, skunk removal is going to be at the top of your to-do list.

What’s So Bad About a Skunk?

The first thing that usually comes to mind when people think of skunks is the offensive odor of their spray. Skunks will usually only attack when defending their young or when cornered, and spraying is not the first defense method they will try. A skunk might first attempt spitting, growling, fluffing its fur, shaking its tail, and/or stamping the ground. If a skunk still feels threatened, then the tail is lifted to spray several shots of that famous skunk odor. Skunks can release multiple shots and can spray 10-15 feet with great accuracy.

Skunks are excellent diggers, due to long nails on their powerful forefeet. In search of grubs and other food, skunks will dig holes in lawns and gardens. If they can find no other form of shelter available, they will burrow underneath buildings and cement slabs, such as a porch, patio, or walkway.

Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis) Family Close Up – captive animals

Why Now is the Time to Worry

Skunks mating season starts in late winter, this means that, when spring and summer are finally here, the numbers of skunks you will be dealing with have increased.

This is why it’s important to have a skunk control service eliminate skunks in and around your residence as soon as you notice them, usually in January and February.   At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, we always recommend taking the proactive approach to pest control.  When it comes to skunk infestations, treating the problem in winter is one of the best approaches you can take.

Skunk Removal and Control With Holper’s

The most effective technique to control skunks is to professionally and humanely live-trap them. Luckily for you, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions technicians are experts at how to catch a skunk.


  • Cleaning up all wood piles, brush and food sources will limit the habitat available to skunks and will reduce their attraction to your property.
  • Seal all entry holes (such as porches, sheds, and crawl spaces) once all skunks have been trapped and removed.

It is always best to implement skunk prevention instead of dealing with a skunk infestation. To successfully manage a skunk infestation you must have an integrated pest management plan.

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions uses more than one approach to eradicate these nuisance animals from your home and surrounding areas. Call 314-544-7378 to set a plan in motion—let the trained professionals of Holper’s help you implement skunk prevention and perform your skunk trapping, skunk removal, and skunk odor removal for you.



Do Mice Repellents Actually Work?

There are many myths surrounding which DIY mouse techniques work the best to help evict your unwanted house guest.  But which ones can do the job?

The majority of natural mouse repellent/home remedies people usually think of such as peppermint, moth balls and ultrasonic sound waves don’t actually work at all.

It’s possible that you might see a temporary effect and perhaps not see quite as many rodents around, but these methods will not permanently remove mice and rats from your home or business.

Rodents are pretty smart creatures.  They know that it’s a dangerous world out there for an animal of their size.  They would rather put up with ultra sound waves and peppermint that risk leaving their (YOUR) home.

Do mothballs keep mice away?   To put it simply…No.

Does peppermint oil repel mice?  It will make your home smell good, but it certainly won’t get rid of your unwanted lodgers. If you think about it, logically, rodents live in all areas including sewers.  If they can put up with the smell coming out of a sewer system, then peppermint oil would be no problem.

Ultrasonic rodent repeller   There are a handful of ultrasonic rodent repeller devices on the market.  However, the truth of the matter is, none of these are effective.  One of the main issues is that these repellers rely on electric sockets to work.  If there is no socket near rodent activity then the device will be completely ineffective.  Using the ultrasonic repeller may work for a short period of time, until the rodent learns to avoid the area or adapt to the background noise. 

Professional Rodent Control

The reason why it is advised that you leave managing a mouse or rat problem to a professional is due to the skills and knowledge needed in doing so, as well as the time scale.

You know by now mice are cunning creatures. This can make relocating them from your home a bit tricky.

In terms of baiting it takes a while for a mouse to accept the product laid down, because the item is new and alien to them. Tests carried out on mouse behavior showed these rodents were far more receptive to bait laid out in a dirty tray, which they have used before, rather than a new one. This is because they would rather gather food from a location they are used to and know is safe.

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions know exactly how to efficiently control a mouse, or rat, problem. We use specific techniques and products that have been tried and tested in order to make sure your home is completely rodent free.

We take real pride in helping to solve all your pest control problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name! Find out the difference in St. Louis pest control by calling us today at 314-544-7378 and learning more about Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions!







Winter Wildlife

Maintaining a pest-free zone can be difficult during the cold winter months.  The warmth of the house combined with the promise of food can encourage critters to find a way in.

Moles, rodents, squirrels and skunks do not hibernate during the winter.  Here are a few tips for Wildlife Control during these winter months.

Secure the Garage – Since the door regularly opens and closes, the garage provides easy access for curious critters.  Keep the garage door closed as much as possible.  Make sure it is closed tightly so there is an impassable barrier.  Keep your garage clean and the garbage in a sealed container.  Wipe down stored cooking grills to keep bits of food from attracting animals.

Clear Debris from Property – Piles of debris create the perfect nesting place for animals of all sizes.  Once they have settled in, it’s only a matter of time before they begin looking for a way into your home. Eliminate potential shelters by clearing away branches and leaves that may have collected in your yard.

Cap the Chimney – Ground level is not the only place wildlife may attempt to enter your home. The solid surface on the roof makes it easy for wildlife to move about; the chimney offers an opening that falls directly into your home.  Consider a chimney cap. It allows smoke to filter out of the opening while preventing animals from finding a way in. Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will be happy to install the stainless-steel chimney cap for you!

Also, this is a great time to be thinking about preparing your home for the spring on slot of pests and animals. Holper’s Platinum Service agreement has us visiting to your home 6 times a year to protect it from Brown Recluse, Ants and those unwanted stinging insects. Just to name a few!

We love to treat your home and yard with the same care as we treat our own, and we take real pride in helping to solve all your pest control problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name! Find out the difference in St. Louis pest control by calling us today at 314-544-7378 and learning more about Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions!




Bed Bugs: Not Just in Beds!

Unfortunately, bed bugs are all too common today, and there are many other ways people can encounter bed bugs, inadvertently taking them home.

Bed bugs are most commonly found in residential homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, warehouses, office buildings and on the seats of transportation vehicles, but there are many other places that are susceptible to infestations.

Schools & Daycares – Bed bugs in dorms, school and daycares have many places to hide, so treatment needs to be thorough to prevent an infestation.

Gyms – Commonly found in gym locker rooms and in shoe storage shelves or “cubbies,” bed bugs often find their way into these public places. When personal items are placed in these spaces, the pests will hop on for a ride back to the owner’s home.  A regular treatment in these shared spaces will help prevent these pests from returning.

Hospitals – Beds are an obvious location to find bed bugs within a hospital, but waiting rooms, visitor chairs and nurse’s stations may also be homes to the pests.

Rental Cars – Bed Bugs hidden in or on purses, luggage or jackets can easily make their way into the crevices of rental cars while the driver heads to their destination.

Coat Check – Coat closets can become dens for bed bugs during a short time.  If one jacket is infested, all jackets near it are at risk of bringing the pests home.

Libraries – Bed bug populations can soar within libraries – living within the pages, bindings and jackets of books and on furniture and carpets.  Because of the high-traffic nature of libraries, bed bugs can enter the building on someone’s bag, book, coat and more, making prevention difficult.

Courthouses – With people constantly coming and going, courthouses are a common place for bed bug infestations to take hold.

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions would love to treat your business or home with the same care as we treat our own, and we take pride in helping to solve all your pest control problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name!

Find out the difference in St. Louis pest control by calling us today at 314-544-7378 and learning more about Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions!





How do Squirrels Stay Warm in Winter?


Do Bed Bugs Freeze?

Tap install

What’s in Your Attic?

Properly insulating our home and saving money on energy costs are common concerns for homeowners.  A frequent oversight in colder months, however, is not an energy efficiency problem, but a pest problem.  When temperatures fall, bugs and rodents are looking for a warm place to call home for the winter – and you don’t want that place to be your attic.

If you want to keep pests at bay and insulate your home efficiently, you want a product that can do both.  You want TAP (Thermal – Acoustical – Pest Control) Pest Control Insulation.

TAP kills bugs – Insects cannot build up a tolerance to TAP, as they can with organic biological treatments, and you never need to re-treat the insulation. TAP controls ants, cockroaches, silverfish, termites and other pests.

EPA-Registered Pesticide Containing Boric Acid – Boric Acid, the active ingredient in TAP, is found in common household products such as saline eyewash solution, detergents, and the food we eat.  Although deadly to many insects, TAP is acceptable for use around pets and people.

Saves Money & Decrease Energy Bills – TAP helps keep homeowners cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The insulation serves as a blanket for your home when installed in the attic.  The cellulose fibers interconnect to create a nearly perfect balance of the two qualities homeowners should look for in their insulation: dense enough to stop air flow while light enough to trap heat.

Fire Safety – TAP, with its fire-retardant characteristics, limits the spread of fire with both flame and smolder combustion resistance.

The Quiet Life – TAP reduces annoying outside noise and helps create a peaceful haven of quality and solitude.

TAP is Green! – Well, not literally, but TAP is permanent, made from all-natural ingredients and recycled newsprint, thus while you’re controlling pests and saving energy, you’re conserving landfill space.

A Perfect Fit – TAP forms a perfect fit in your attic, leaving no gaps, covering nooks and crannies, capping the entire attic floor.  TAP helps block heat transfer from convection and radiation, as well as conduction.

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions is a preferred Installer of TAP Pest Control Insulation. We have completed the necessary training and licensing required to become a pest control operator. We are mindful of safety when working in a confined space such as your home’s attic.

We take real pride in helping to solve all your pest control problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name! Call us today at 314-544-7378 and learn more about Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions!


Why are Mice Moving into your House this Fall?

As the leaves are turning red, orange and yellow, the air is filled with the smells of apple cider and temperatures are dropping; rodents are looking for a warm home with heat and a food source.

They will find creative ways to enter your home; through cracks in walls, open windows and doors, vents, pipes, you name it and they will try it!

Here are some ways to keep the rodents from wanting to make your home theirs.

Keep up with landscaping chores – Keep your plants and leaves away from the foundation of your house.  Not raking up leaves that pile against the foundation is an open invitation to small rodents. They can hide in the vegetation while searching for an opening. Keep plants and accumulated leaves at least 2 feet away from your home. Don’t allow debris to collect against the house.

Prepare your house for the cool weather –   It’s time to inspect your house for cracks, check your weather-stripping and other areas for weakness.  Make sure you seal any cracks around windows and doors, even check where you may have had repaired done last season.

Rodent-proof your exterior – Check the exterior of your home for any weaknesses where mice would be able to crawl right into your home.  Check to see if holes around cable wires or plumbing have been properly sealed. Rodents are known to crawl up sewage pipes and plumbing, so seal off around the areas where these pipes enter your home.

Make your home inhospitable to rodents – For rodent prevention and rodent control, it is critical to employ a reputable pest control company, such as Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions. Our expert service begins with a thorough inspection to develop a treatment plan for your specific problem. Techniques and materials used always reflect the latest technologies and professional grade products. Your home will be treated with a personalized combination of baited rodent stations, monitored rodent stations, rodent traps, and repairs to entry points.

It is important to note that all rodent droppings are a biohazard and should only be cleaned up by professionals using proper safety equipment, especially in the case of white-footed deer mouse droppings, which are linked to the deadly Hantavirus.

We at Holper’s look forward to providing you with successful rodent prevention and rodent control. Please call 314-544-7378 to set up your appointment today.


Enjoy your Holiday Season – Let Holper’s take care of all your Holiday Lighting!

With the hustle and bustle of the Holiday Season approaching quickly, let Holper’s help check a few items off your To Do List!

Not only can we help with your home’s pest control throughout the year, but Holper’s can assist you with hanging your holiday lights and Decorations, so you don’t have to!

You love having beautiful lighting displays on your home during the holidays, but getting from the vision in your head to actually having every light in place can be fraught with pitfalls.

Holper’s Holiday Lights – a division of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions – will hang holiday lights on your home or building and save you from some major risks, such as…

Lack of Experience – If you don’t have experience with holiday lighting installation, things could go wrong.    Without proper knowledge, exceeding the load rating of outlets that conduct electricity is a real possibly.  It can also lead to installing strings of lights that contain fire hazards that you don’t notice. We handle the entire installation, so you needn’t worry about those things!

Ladder Woes – If you don’t have much experience using a ladder to access high, difficult-to-reach places on the exterior of your house, don’t take the risk of ruining your holidays by falling from a ladder! You’ll spend your holidays in traction, instead of spending them with friends and family. Let our experienced holiday light installers handle the job for you.

Running Out of Time – As the holiday season approaches, many have good intentions of getting their lights and decorations up in a timely manner.  As our lives get busier and busier, the fantasy of having plenty of time can turn into disappointment when there is simply too much to do in a short about of time.  So, what do you do?

The Benefits of Holper’s Holiday Lights – Holper’s has you covered every step of the way in the holiday lighting process. We do it all – design, installation, maintenance, takedown and storage. This ensures your lighting investment is ready to be re-installed the following season.

For years Holper’s Holiday Lights has helped property owners create and hang beautiful, professionally-installed lighting arrangements that capture the spirit of the season.

To schedule an appointment for a free estimate, call us today at 314 629-5483. With Holper’s as your trusted Holiday installer, you can spend more time enjoying the holidays!



Welcome to St. Louis Weather…Just wait a day and it will change!

It was just last week when it still felt like Summer and customers were talking about mosquitoes invading their yards. Now that Fall weather is here to stay, we have customers calling and asking what to do with those Stink Bugs, Elderbox Bugs and Asian Lady Bugs all trying to get into your home before Winter comes.
We are currently offering special prices on Power Sprays starting at $69.00 for the exterior of your home! Offer ends October 31, 2018. Call today to schedule you appointment! 314-732-1413

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