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St. Louis Exterminators: What Separates One Exterminator From Another?

st-louis-exterminatorIf you use the phonebook or the internet to search for St. Louis exterminators, you’ll find that you have no shortage of options. Having a wide range of choices is generally considered good in any situation, but when it comes to pest control services, wading through all of your options without criteria for evaluating them can lead to a delay in service, which is something you don’t want to happen if your home or business is overrun by a pest.

That’s why we’re taking time to give you some helpful pointers for evaluating St. Louis exterminators before you start receiving service estimates. Referring to the four criteria below will help you get the best service for the best price, and help you expedite the exterminator selection process, so you can have your bothersome situation addressed quickly.

  1. Areas of Specialization

Some St. Louis exterminators only specialize in commercial properties, others specialize in residences, and still others specialize in both. In addition, some exterminators only specialize in one class of pest and not others (for example, insects and not animals, or vice versa). The first two questions to ask any exterminator are whether it specializes in treating your type of structure and whether it specializes in banishing your particular type of pest.

  1. Thoroughness of Extermination

Some exterminators simply come to your space and kill the offending pest, while others both exterminate the pest and eliminate sources of pest entry on the exterior. Because the first type of service doesn’t consider how your structure became infested, it can result in needing repeat extermination treatments. The second type of service can banish the pest once and for all. It may cost more upfront, but receiving a thorough treatment can save you money in the long run.

  1. Types of Structures Serviced

If you own a hotel that has a pest problem, you want to choose an exterminator that has experience treating commercial properties — and, more specifically, hotels. The same principle applies to residences. If you own a century home, you need an exterminator that’s experienced in treating residences, particularly residences like yours, whose construction materials and style of construction are likely to be significantly different than homes built recently.

  1. Cost of Service

How much you pay an exterminator depends on several factors, particularly: the pest that needs to be exterminated, the level of infestation, the type of extermination method used, the square footage of the structure treated, and the geographical location of the structure.

To get a general estimate of how much you can expect to pay, it’s helpful to consult an online resource that lists the average cost of pest control services across the U.S. To get a specific estimate, you’ll need to call exterminators to receive quotes. In most cases, quotes will be roughly the same. But some St. Louis exterminators do offer considerably better prices than others, so it pays to shop around.

Who We Are
Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions is a St. Louis-based pest and animal control service that’s served the metro area for over thirty one years. We specialize in general pest control, termite control, wildlife removal, and stinging insect control for residential and commercial properties that feature various types of construction and have a unique needs pertaining to the pest control process.

To receive a free quote, please call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us info@holperspest.com. We take pride in providing fast, effective, affordable extermination solutions.


Preventative Pest Control: Be Proactive About Preventing Infestations

At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, we often receive calls and emails from homeowners and business owners who are in a state of distress due to a pest infestation in their residence or building. While this situation is totally understandable — it is often difficult for non-professionals to recognize an infestation in its infancy — there is something that can prevent it from happening: Taking advantage of our preventative pest control program that prevents pest infestations.

What is Preventative Pest Control?
Preventative pest control is a proactive approach to preventing rodents, insects, squirrels, and other bothersome pests from infesting a home or a building. As far as the actual treatment goes, it is typically performed on a quarterly or bi-monthly schedule, and consists of different treatment procedures as seasons change. Is preventative pest control a good option for you? Consider the important benefits that come with taking a proactive approach to preventing pest infestations.

Easy to Predict Pest Control Costs
The cost of exterminating a pest infestation in a home or building is nearly impossible to predict without performing an inspection. With preventative pest control, on the other hand, you know exactly how much you will pay to keep pests away. If you are a business owner or a homeowner who operates on a budget, predicting pest control costs may be a necessity.

Seasonal Approach to Extermination
Different seasons in Missouri tend to bring different pest problems. For example, ants and moles tend to be most active in the warm months, whereas pests that live primarily indoors, when the option is available, may appear to be more active in cold weather. This is why it is important to take a seasonal approach to preventing pest infestations.

Eliminates the Prospect of Infestations
Not only is exterminating an infestation often costlier than performing preventative pest control. It is also more mentally harrowing. As everyone who has been through a major pest infestation knows, the psychological discomfort often outweighs the physical discomfort. If you have never experienced an infestation, consider yourself lucky, and invest in preventative pest control.

Customizable Based on Your Needs
Although it is often advertised as if it were, pest control is not a one-size-fits all solution. Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will create a custom pest prevention program that is tailored to your unique needs.

Contact Us Today
Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has provided preventative pest control strategies to homeowners and business owners throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area for many years. Not only do we have a keen understanding of the pests that Missourians face. We also understand the pests that St. Louisans tend to encounter in different sections of the metro area.

For a free inspection of your home or building, or to create a preventative pest control solution that meets your unique needs, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to helping you keep your property pest-free!


Pest Control Tips: When and Why to Call a Professional Exterminator

Owners of homes of buildings that have a pest control problem often try to handle the situation on their own before they call a pest control professional. However, the fact is that do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control solutions typically have limited effectiveness, especially because they tend to address the signs of the problem, but not its source.

So, how do you know when it’s time to stop dealing with a pest control problem on your own and delegate the task to an experienced pest control professional? Using pest control tips from professional exterminators, such as Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, we answer this question in the following sections.

When to Call a Professional Exterminator
Because different pest infestations have different characteristics, it is difficult to develop a master list of pest control tips for when to call an exterminator. There are, however, some pest control tips that apply to most pest control situations, and indicate the need for professional help.

  1. The visible presence of the pest is increasing.
  2. The pest causes property damage.
  3. The pest causes physical and/or mental distress.
  4. DIY solutions only minimally help the problem.
  5. When you think the problem is gone, it flares up again.
  6. The presence of the pest is obviously ongoing.

If any of these conditions apply to your home or building, chances are that you are dealing with a pest infestation and not just some stray, unwanted insects. Because a pest infestation and the solution for eradicating it can increase in complexity by the day, it is essential to contact Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions as quickly as possible to address your pest control situation.

Why Call a Professional Exterminator?
A professional exterminator is one that professionally specializes in treating your type of pest problem. Compared to using DIY solutions or an exterminator that doesn’t specialize in your pest problem, calling in a professional exterminator offers the following advantages, among others.

  1. Using a professional offers long-term cost effectiveness.
  2. The interior and exterior of the structure are closely examined.
  3. The latest, greatest pest control solutions are implemented.
  4. The infestation is quickly eliminated.
  5. Eliminating the problem involves minimal disturbance.
  6. Solutions for preventing future infestations are proposed.

Professional pest exterminators are in business for an obvious reason: they offer the most educated, experienced, effective approaches for exterminating tough to beat pest infestations, and propose solutions that help to prevent future infestations and the havoc they cause. If you have a pest problem, using the services of an experienced pest exterminator is the best option.

Need Assistance With Pest Control?
It is never too soon to request assistance with pest control. The sooner you address your pest problem, the easier it will be to eliminate in terms of time, treatments, and overall cost. If you suspect that your home or building has a pest problem, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will examine the structure inside and out, see whether a problem exists, and propose a solution.

To receive additional pest control tips and schedule a free examination of your home or building, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to helping you enjoy a peaceful, pest-free existence in your home or building!