Squirrel Poison: Do you Know why it Should Never be Used?

When a pregnant squirrel chooses your home to birth her young, she then looks at it as her home.  Often times DIY’s think that squirrel poisons or rodenticides are the solution.  This should NEVER be done.  In addition to being against the law, toxicants are not used in squirrel control as the animals may die in wall voids and cause horrific odor problems. Removal then becomes necessary via cutting holes in your walls. There may also be secondary poisoning hazards to pets or children, and children could be bitten trying to assist sick animals.

Squirrel traps vs squirrel poison

Since 1990 Holper’s has been solving St. Louis squirrel infestations by trapping, the only successful method to deal with this problem.  The trained professionals of Holper’s will inspect your home to determine entry points for the strategic placement of traps. Trapping options are live traps or lethal traps. The decision on the choice of trapping style is determined by the technician and the customer together. Lethal traps are placed over the entry point to the home. If live traps are chosen, they are baited with Holper’s Gourmet Rodent Bait and set in the line of travel outside the den entrance.  These traps are not placed inside because there is poor light and the den is a shelter, not a feeding site.

Squirrel infestation prevention

It is important to note that there are some preventative steps that a homeowner can take to help avoid a squirrel infestation.  Trimming trees back 8 to 12 feet from the structure can assist in preventing roof access. Holper’s recommends the installation of roof vent covers as another prevention for entry points.  It can also be helpful to have your chimney fitted with a chimney cap, which in addition to keeping out squirrels will also prevent birds and raccoons from entering.

Looking for a squirrel home inspection?

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