Moles vs. Ground Squirrels

Having nuisance wildlife is not fun. Finding the damage is usually the first step. Figuring out what caused it is the next step, and unless you have seen the culprit firsthand, some helpful clues will be handy. How do you know what type of nuisance wildlife is leaving damage in its wake? What are the damages left behind when considering moles vs. ground squirrels. NOTE: In Missouri, we do not have Ground Squirrels. Chipmunks are what people in Missouri tend to call Ground Squirrels!

mole-servicesThe Signs A Mole is Your Suspect 

  • Your yard will show signs of convex tunnels. These tunnels can cause brown lines in the grass as roots are exposed to air or damaged by the burrowing itself. These tunnels can make lawn mowing a difficulty.
  • You will see signs of molehills. Molehills are circular mounds of dirt which actually surround a vertical shaft. The molehills are usually marked by round ripple marks, which are created as moles push a new load of soil to the surface as they burrow in your yard.

chipmunk-holesThe Signs a Chipmunk is Your Suspect 

  • You may see 1-inch holes in the ground.
  • You may see entry holes leading underneath concrete slabs, such as patios or front porches.
  • Do you have missing flower bulbs? Chipmunks think they taste great!

How Do I Get Rid of These Things? 

Trapping by a professional is essential to solve your problems. The wildlife technicians of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions are trapping experts and will get rid of your pests to give you peace of mind. Holper’s also will repair the damage done by the offending critters to give you back your home. Whether it is nuisance wildlife, or insects and spiders, one call to Holper’s gets your pest control needs handled. Trust our 32 years in the greater St. Louis area to take care of your home. Call us at 314-732-1413.