Insect Extermination Services: Examining the Home Exterior

Most people request insect extermination services when they start seeing bugs in their residence. However, most insect infestations are caused by bugs that enter a home from outside. This is why it’s important for pest exterminators to examine the exterior of a home in addition to the interior. If the outside of your residence gives bugs a way to enter, you could end up needing insect extermination services again and again until the problem is corrected.

How Insects Enter Homes
Insects can enter a home in a variety of ways, from being inadvertently transported inside by the homeowner to entering the residence through small spaces in the exterior. Most bugs enter a home under the latter scenario, with some places of entry being more common than others. Below are four points of entry that providers of extermination services routinely encounter, and how they can be addressed to prevent more insects from marching into the residence.

Window Frames
As a home settles, it can put gradual pressure on window frames that causes them to develop gaps between the pieces that compose the frame. The gaps are usually so small that the homeowner doesn’t notice them, but they are often large enough to let in small insects.

If insects are entering your home through gaps in window frames, you probably won’t need to replace any windows. A more economical strategy would be to seal up gaps in your window frames with commercial grade, weather-resistant caulk that matches the color of the frames.

Air Conditioning Vents
Homes that are surrounded by trees and have unprotected air conditioning vents on the roof are predisposed to insect problems. This is because many bugs like to reside in trees, from which they can fly or drop onto the roof of a home and enter its attic through air conditioning vents.

The open spaces in air conditioning vents are often protected by wire mesh to keep out animals, but spaces in the mesh are typically wide enough to let a variety insects enter. Applying wire mesh that has small holes like those in a window screen are better at keeping bugs out. Keeping trees trimmed back from the home often solves this problem.


Cable, Wire, and Pipe Entries
Almost every modern home has places on the exterior where cables, wires, and pipes enter the residence to deliver utility services. The holes through which they enter are usually rather small, and appear to be sealed after the products are in place. However, this isn’t always the case.

Small insects such as ants and spiders often have enough room to squeeze through a small space that exists between the hole and the cable, wire, or pipe that appears to plug the hole. Filling the hole with commercial grade caulk or spray foam sealant could eliminate the problem.

Home Foundation
A crack in the foundation of a home is another common point of entry for insects. Because the base of the foundation extends underground, a preponderance of soil dwelling insects, such as ants and beetles, are commonly seen in a home whose foundation is severely cracked.

The easiest way to fix the problem, of course, is to reseal the foundation in the necessary places. In addition to helping prevent insect infestations, sealing cracks in your home’s foundation will also help keep your basement dry, which can retard to formation of mold.

Need Insect Extermination Services?
If so, don’t settle for a provider of insect extermination services that only examines and treats the interior of your home. The outside of the home should also be carefully inspected and treated. If the inspection reveals exterior places that allow insects to gain easy entry to your house, they should be sealed with an appropriate, high-grade product to help prevent future infestations.

At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, over 30 years our many years of providing insect extermination services to the St. Louis area have taught us that examining the interior of a home is only one part of the extermination equation. You also have to consider how bugs are entering the home, and implement strategies that prevent it, from spraying around the exterior to sealing up holes.

If you think that your residence has an insect problem, and you aren’t sure about the source, give us a call today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at, to schedule a free examination. We look forward to helping you enjoy the summer season insect-free!