An Ounce of Prevention: How To Keep Bats Away

The old adage says an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That couldn’t be more true in the case of bats. Knowing how to deter bats from roosting can save you worry, damage, and financial loss in the future. If you want to know how to keep bats away, you have come to the right place.

The Basics 

bat-opening-in-homeThe key to deterring bats from roosting is to block all possible entry points, which is much easier said than done. Bats can squeeze through holes that are ⅜ “ wide (the size of dime) and if they flatten themselves, they can squeeze through a gap that is ⅛” wide! Bats enter houses through eaves, overhangs, unscreened vents, and structural gaps. Occasionally bats enter a home through an open window or chimney. When you realize how tiny of an opening a bat can get through, you then understand how hard it is to spot potential entry points.

The first step in how to keep bats away is a thorough, professional inspection. Only a trained technician will know where to look and how to spot these miniscule entry points.

Why Should I Care About a Bat? 

Bats live in colonies of one to 300, so your infestation problem is rarely a bat, but bats! The result of this infestation will be the noises a bat makes (scratching, squeaking, and crawling in walls and attics) and the stains and odors created by urine and droppings (guano). 


Bat guano before cleanup.

Guano is a biohazard that should only be cleaned by the trained personnel of Holper’s with the proper safety equipment. Histoplasmosis is an airborne fungus disease that can grow in bat droppings (guano), but typically the guano must have contact with moisture, which usually isn’t present in an attic. Regardless, bat cleanup must be done professionally, with safety equipment, full face respirators, Tyvek suits, and HEPA vacuums due to the potentially deadly dust created by the guano.

Additionally, being a mammal, a tiny percentage of bats will contract rabies. Exposure to the rabies virus is decreased if you avoid contact with bats and keep all pets current on vaccinations. Your risk after exposure can only be assessed by a healthcare professional.  

How To Keep Bats Away 

Control involves sealing the entire structure, except where the bats are entering and exiting the building. Those spots are fitted with a one-way door so that bats are able to exit your building but they cannot re-enter. Once the bats have all left your home, the one-way doors are removed and the area is sealed, effectively bat-proofing your home.

Holper’s–Your BAT MANagement Experts! 

From diagnosing your bat problem, to the installation of one-way doors, to removing guano, to sealing the structure–one call to Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will get it done. When you want to keep bats away, call your St. Louis bat control/removal professionals at 314-732-1413 today!