Five Fall Pest Prevention Tips

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, autumn sets in for its annual visit.  But if you’re not careful, the new season won’t be the only visitor you have. The change in weather brings an array of fall pests all looking for the chance to drop in and say hello. While the only surefire way to be completely insect-free is a quarterly home pest prevention program, we at Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions can offer tips to reduce your likelihood of being invaded by insects, spiders, and four-legged pests. Whether you’re looking for flea pest control, stinging insect removal, squirrel removal, a mice exterminator, or pest control in general, you’ve come to the right spot.

The Usual Suspects


Yellow Jacket

The crisp, cooler weather of autumn brings certain pests that we can count on for making an appearance. Problems with fleas, stinging insects (yellow jackets), squirrels, and mice all becomes more prevalent in the fall, but not all for the same reasons. Indoor flea issues increase after the outdoor summer breeding season is over, when family pets act as vehicles on which the fleas catch a ride into your home and begin multiplying inside. Yellow jackets raise the queens for the following season in early fall, leading to more activity around the nest. In autumn, squirrels make their way into homes and buildings for a warm environment in which to have their second litter of the year. Mice similarly enter for the warm environment, but they also enter in search of food.

Five Tips for Fall Pest Prevention


Eastern Grey Squirrel

Jeff Holper, of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, advises that while professional treatments and trapping are the ways to ensure a pest-free environment, here are a few tips to be proactive in the fight to keep the invaders out in the first place:

Tip 1

To reduce squirrels around your home, it is important to keep tree branches trimmed to at least five feet from your home.

Tip 2

For flea prevention in the fall, have your home treated in June or July with a professional application of a flea adulticide combined with a



insect growth regulator.

Tip 3

Installing rodent stations around the exterior perimeter of your home will reduce the population of mice looking to enter your home in the cooler weather.

Tip 4

Have a perimeter spray done on the exterior of your home to reduce spiders and insects that could look to infest your home in the fall.

Tip 5

Yellow-necked Mouse

Yellow-necked Mouse

Eliminate clutter from basements and garages to reduce your chance of critter, insect, and spider invasions.

Your pest-free life, guaranteed!

For over three decades, St. Louis area families have trusted Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions to keep their homes, yards, and gardens free of pests. A quarterly pest prevention program administered by the friendly professionals of Holper’s will keep your home free of many common pests–ants, crickets, beetles, the common house spider, pantry pests, meal moths, and many others. For hard to treat pests, such as fleas, yellow jackets, brown recluse spiders, termites, silverfish, and bed bugs, Holper’s has specialized treatment programs that clear the infestations as quickly as possible. The experts at Holper’s can give you a thorough assessment of gaps/holes in and around your home that might be letting in four-legged creatures, such as mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons. Holper’s can repair these openings, as well as install insect-resistant insulation, to keep your home pest-free. And if any of those critters have already slipped inside, Holper’s technicians are trapping experts to banish them from your property. Call Holper’s today at 314-732-1413 to let Holper’s give you back your home with a customized treatment program. We look forward to serving you this fall for flea control, stinging insect removal, squirrel removal, and for mice extermination–we can help you with these and so much more!