Stink Bugs…Do They Bite?

Normally, they do not.  However, they will bite if they feel threatened. The bite area may have some swelling or rash and may feel painful, but harmless. Even though a stink bugs’ bite is usually treated as a non-poisonous bite for adults, it may prove poisonous for small children and pets.  Some people relate their pungent smelling liquid with that of poison, but Stink Bugs emit a foul smelling liquid only to deter predators.

What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Food and environment both have attractions for stink bugs. They are mostly attracted by fruit plants and crops.  Their major hosts are cucumber, tomato, dogwood, citrus, and sunflower.  Just to name a few.  They damage plants and transfer plant-pathogens.   They can also use beetle larvae or caterpillars as hosts.  This is all about their eating habits in summer; since they do not generate their heat on their own, they have to rely on external surroundings to keep themselves warm.   Therefore they remain hibernate in cold seasons.

Stink Bug Invasion in Homes

Adult Stink Bugs invade homes right before the winter.  They hide in your home in a state of hibernation during the winter season.  Generally, they take advantage of cracks around windows and door trims, under or behind baseboards, and around exhaust fans or lights in the ceiling.   If you see a stink bug in your home, never crush them!  It will force them to eject foul smell which tempts other bugs to invade your home.

The best possible way to eradicate them is to hire a professional exterminator.

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