Do I Have Bats in My Attic?

One of the most reviled wildlife pests is the bat. Just the thought of encountering one causes discomfort for many people. If you wind up with one, or a colony, in your home you will want to know quickly and have the situation handled ASAP with professional bat removal services.

So, do I have bats in my attic? How can I tell?

Ways to Tell If I Have Bats in My Attic

There are a few ways to tell if you have bats in the attic. The first way is to listen. If you hear scratching, movement, and especially an “eek, eek, eek” sound in the walls or above you, especially later at night, you’ve got at least one bat. A second clue is to look for piles of excrement (guano) on window ledges, or on the ground below gable vents and brick vents. The third way to tell if you have bats in the attic is to stand near the guano piles at dusk and look for the bats as they fly out to feed.

Why is A Bat a Biohazard?  


Guano is a biohazard that must only be cleaned by trained professionals using  proper safety equipment. Histoplasmosis is an airborne fungus disease that can grow in bat droppings (guano). Guano cleanup should always be done professionally using full face respirators, Tyvek suits, and HEPA vacuums due to the potentially deadly dust created by the guano.

A very small number of bats contract rabies, so avoid contact with bats and keep all pets current on vaccinations. Your risk after exposure can only be evaluated by your healthcare professional.

Professional Bat Removal Services

Bat removal involves sealing the structure, except where the bats are entering and exiting. Those entry/exit points are fitted with a one-way door so that bats can’t re-enter once they exit! It is best to implement bat removal services before the end of May or after the third week of August so you don’t trap a maternity colony in the structure. After all the bats leave, the one-way doors are taken down and the entry/exit is sealed, bat-proofing your home.

Holper’s–Your Professional Bat Removal Experts

From diagnosing your bat problem, to the installation of one-way doors, to removing guano, to guaranteed sealing of the structure–one call to Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will get it done. If your answer to “Do I have bats in my attic” is yes, just call the St. Louis bat removal professionals at 314-732-1413 today!