A Bird In The Hand: Who Can Provide Bird Control Services?

If you have never found yourself hosting a bird in your home or business, congratulations! Consider yourself lucky to have never experienced the stressful feeling of catching sight of a panicked bird trying to find a way out, to say nothing of the mess left behind. Bird removal and bird control services are a highly specialized segment for nuisance wildlife technicians, and not all companies are able to offer this service, in part because residential bird control varies from commercial bird control. Expertise and creative problem solving go hand in hand to address bird control solutions. What goes into solving a bird issue? We’re glad you asked!

How We Do It: Expert Bird Control Service

The first step will always be a thorough inspection to figure out what type of bird is present, entry/access points, as well as if and where it is nesting. This is the basis for formulating a personalized solution.The time of year can also be a factor: for example, springtime bird problems tend to be short lived as the bird likely came inside to nest, hatch its babies, and then leave when the nestlings fly away. That would be serviced differently than a continuing bird issue. Each situation is different. That is why expertise is so important to craft a personalized combination of bird netting, one-way doors, bird spikes on ledges, reflectors, repairs, etc. Each bird problem is unique, so each solution will be, too.

The Holper’s Difference

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