Striped skunk

Who Do I Call For Skunk Removal?

Baby-SkunksAs sure as the temperature starts to rise in June, so does the arrival and appearance of baby skunks. And where there are baby skunks, mama skunk isn’t too far away. While it would be nice if there were such a thing as skunk repellant, in reality skunk families will make their home wherever it is advantageous and easy to access. If you’ve found yourself with a family of skunks making their home under part of your house, you’ve only got one thing on your mind: Who do I call for skunk removal?


What’s So Bad About A Skunk? skunks-patioThe obvious–the horrible, distinctive smell of a skunk that has recently sprayed! The best way to determine if you have a skunk is to look for a hole going under your porch. Skunk holes range from a four inch diameter round hole to a three-by-five oval hole. While the damage they can do is very minimal, their presence is not desired due to the risk of startling a skunk and being sprayed by it.

Get Out and Stay Out!
Striped skunk Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions should be your first call when you need skunk removal. With over three decades of experience, our technicians will not only expertly remove the animals, but we can also repair any damage they have left behind; more importantly, Holper’s will provide you with a solution to permanently keep skunks from building a den in that same place. Holper’s is who to call when you need skunk removal. But that’s not all we do!


The Usual Suspects
Baby skunkThe Midwest is home to many species of nuisance wildlife. These animals vary in size, habitat, and types of damage done to yards and homes. The one thing they have in common is that their presence needs to be addressed at the first sight of one to avoid serious destruction to your lawn and house. Holper’s specializes in wildlife control for all of the following: mice, voles, chipmunks, bats, rats, moles, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs (woodchucks), minks, opossums, raccoons, beavers, and coyotes. Regardless of the type of wildlife control measures you require, we at Holper’s have the solutions well in hand.

The Skunk Removal Experts

The one thing all skunk removal has in common is that it needs to be handled by experts, with professional training, materials, and equipment. In St. Louis, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions can handle every type of wildlife control, wildlife removal, and wildlife damage. As every wildlife control situation is unique, your Holper’s technician will employ a combination of know-how and trapping skills to give you back your home and yard as quickly as possible. Holper’s will also be able to provide repair and exclusion services for the damage created by the nuisance wildlife. Call Holper’s today at 314-732-1413. Let our decades of experience take care of your skunk removal right away. Your home deserves Holper’s!