If I Get Bed Bugs, Do I Need to Change My Mattress?

Good question! The first reaction that many people have when they discover bed bugs is to throw out everything they have–an understandable knee-jerk reaction. The thought of bed bugs in your mattress causes discomfort when wondering how you’d ever feel relaxed again in your bed!

But there is good news! There is no need to go to that extreme with your mattress. Once the infestation has been eradicated over the course of the few necessary treatments (to cover all stages of the bed bug growth cycle), there are two preventative measures you can take to protect your mattress from being infested again. A mattress encasement is one option to take for proactive action against future bed bugs. As the name implies, an encasement fully encloses your mattress. This encasement should be laundered a minimum of every three months.

But even easier mattress protection option exists and Holper’s is proud to provide it! ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are installed on the box spring, without the hassle of trying to maneuver a mattress inside of an encasement every three months. There is a minute level of bed bug insecticide in the liner that is completely safe to people and pets, but lethal to bed bugs. One of these protectors lasts up to two years and is much easier to deal with than a full encasement.

To order your ActiveGuard Mattress Liners, call Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions at 314-732-1413! We can take care of ALL your pest and wildlife control needs.