Ant Control

The Ants are coming…Oh dear they’re here!

It’s that time of the year when you see ants marching in a row around your house on the ground or worst…Marching in a row on your house and it seems like they know exactly where to go! Like, inside the walls of your home looking for food sources. If you’re like me, that’s a really creepy thought!
Ants invade homes through small openings from the outside. These openings include cracks and crevices in the foundation, small openings under siding, gaps under doors or around windows, ventilation openings, laundry vents, plumbing penetrations, electrical wiring outlets, etc. Once inside, ants follow structural edges or guidelines where walls meet floors, windows, contact walls, between baseboards and floors, between shelving and walls or along water pipes and electrical wiring.
When they discover a food source, worker ants form trails. Following this trail can provide clues about what the ants are feeding on, where the colony is located and how they are getting into the home.

Ant Management & Control

The first step is to focus on minimizing the likelihood that ants can get into your home or on reducing the available resources they can find once inside. Some common recommendations include:
• Repair and caulk cracks and crevices where ants enter the home. Pay special attention to areas around doors, windows, siding, foundation, vents, pipes, etc.
• Eliminate outdoor nesting areas around the home such as piles of debris, rocks, boards, leaves, tall grass, etc.
• Place ant-attractive foods in glass or plastic jars that are sealed tightly or store them in the refrigerator.
• Clean all kitchen surfaces and sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly each day to remove all food scraps.
• Rinse dinner dishes and wash dishes daily to reduce the availability of food.
• Rinse used glass, metal and plastic food containers before throwing them into the garbage can or recycling bin.
• Take out the garbage regularly and keep outdoor trash cans clean and in good repair.
You can remove trailing ants that are already inside by wiping the ant trail with a sponge saturated with soapy water. This is only temporary, though, and the ants will reestablish trails soon. Further work is necessary to reduce ant activity indoors.
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