It’s February in St. Louis, and the unpredictable weather is causing critters to stir all through the night. As the temperatures drop your home starts to look pretty attractive to squirrels, mice, and raccoons. And as these critters change their primary address to match yours, your peace of mind becomes at risk. Check out our February St. Louis pest control guide to learn more about what is most likely making those sounds.


In February we see an uptick in calls about squirrels across the St. Louis region because they are moving indoors to have babies. Squirrels aren’t exactly quiet critters, so you’re likely to hear a lot of noise in the walls and attic. Specifically, squirrels make the most noise between 4 – 6PM and 5 – 7AM. In addition to the noise, you can check your attic for squirrels. If you notice about 4″ trails in the attic than you probably have a few new roommates, and they’re squirrels.


While squirrels are most active in the early morning or afternoon, mice are most active in the middle of the night. Able to enter through even the smallest hole, mice come in looking for warmth and sustenance. Mice are typically quieter than squirrels, but even the smallest sounds are amplified in the quiet of the night. You’ll hear mice chewing through the night as they eat away at things like insulation and wires. Mice won’t leave trails, but you will be able to see the holes and tiny teeth marks that they leave behind.


February in St. Louis is also a common time for raccoons to enter your home. They too are looking for warmth and protection against the ice and cold that so often defines the early months of the year. Raccoons are most active between 8PM – 4AM and will leave about a 12″ trail.

Our Advice

St. Louis weather is unpredictable in February, which means pests might be coming and going. But just because you don’t see or hear a pest doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Each of these pests can go unnoticed for years – causing costly damage over time as they eat through infrastructure, insulation, and wires. Pay close attention to the hours we mentioned above to see if you can identify an intruder. Use your knowledge of the weather as a means to prepare and manage expectations.

If you do have a pest problem, we strongly recommend trapping the invader. While poisons are affordable and convenient on the surface, they also come with hidden costs. A dead squirrel, mouse, or raccoon in your attic or walls is not only very unpleasant, but also costly to remove. Nobody likes punching holes in the wall to remove a dead animal.

What’s even better than trapping an animal? Having Holper’s do it for you! We specialize in non-intrusive and effective trapping that will ultimately result in your own peace of mind. We’ll work our magic trapping and take the pest away so you never have to deal with it or worry about it getting released into your yard, only to come back again later.

If you’ve got a pest problem this February, give us a call and see what the St. Louis pest control experts at Holper’s can do to take care of your problem and restore your peace of mind!