Just like fashion changes with the seasons, so do pest your pest problems. You’re more likely to experience different kinds of pest problems at different times of the year because certain weather causes certain behaviors among pests. Pests come in to your home like clockwork when the weather changes, and that’s where you can get an advantage. It’s all about the seasons.

Ants, for example, are more likely to make a move on your home when the weather gets hot and dry. When the hot St. Louis summer starts to scorch your lawn, ants will move closer to your home looking for moisture. That’s why they’re so often found in your kitchen during the summer. They aren’t looking for food; they’re looking for water! The moisture around your kitchen sink and dishwasher become a magnet to ant colonies during the hot and dry summer weather.

Similarly, mice are known to move indoors when the weather outside gets too cold. They’re looking for warmth and sustenance in your walls. Like the ants, they’re likely to come and go with the weather. There is never a coincidence between your pest problems and the weather. There is always a reason your home is being invaded, but there is also always an advantage to be had: you know when they are coming and what they want.

At Holper’s, we’re always thinking ahead. We believe that pest control should be about protecting your peace of mind, not just restoring it. We help you prepare for pests before the weather changes so you never have a pest problem to begin with. And if you’ve already got a problem, we eliminate it efficiently with an understanding of how the weather is driving behaviors. If we know what drives behaviors, we can address the problem at its source.

St. Louis weather is unpredictable, which means St. Louis pest control is unpredictable too. If you want a cost effective and intelligent solution to not just eliminating your pest problem, but preventing it altogether, give Holper’s a call today and learn more about how our seasonal approach will enable peace of mind in your home!

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