Town & Country Pest Control & Management

town-and-country-pest-control-servicesTown & Country is a suburb of St. Louis that boasts the highest median household income of any Missouri city that has over 10,000 residents. Take a casual drive through the area, and it will be apparent that a fair sum of that money is put toward maintaining fine residences that define great curb appeal. However, something as small as an insect can ruin such magnificent homes.

Because many homes in the area feature fine woodwork, keeping termites from devouring the inside of moulding and millwork is naturally a concern. As the suburb has lots of trees, squirrels in attics are a common blight, too. If your home or business has pest problems, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will end the chaos and help you keep it away. Call us now at (314) 544-7378.