Sunset Hills Pest Control & Management

sunset-hills-pest-control-servicesSunset Hills is a city in St. Louis County that was incorporated in 1957. In intervening decades, the area shed its small town aura and now offers a picturesque version of suburbia. A popular destination for homeowners and businesses alike, the city has an easy, laid back feel from dawn till dusk — unless, of course, you have a pest problem. Then it can feel anything but relaxing.

If you love Sunset Hills, but your home or business has a pest problem that store bought solutions can’t tackle, don’t let the pests that make your life difficult run you out of town. Instead, call Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions to schedule a free inspection. After the inspection, we’ll jump into action, fix the problem, and tell you how to keep it gone. Call us at (314) 544-7378.