Know Your Enemy: Brown Recluse Spider

If you live in St. Louis, you’ve heard the horror stories. They’re tales of eight-legged freaks settling in dresser drawers, popping out from under pillows, and exposing horrifying fangs soaked in flesh-eating venom. They’re stories of a spider that eats pure evil for breakfast, fear for lunch, and your children for dinner. It can survive losing limbs and go entire seasons without food or water. It’s the brown recluse, and it is public enemy number one for most homeowners.

The brown recluse spider, in all of its wickedness, is a common St. Louis spider. Although sometimes exaggerated, its reputation is well deserved. A brown recluse bite can be not only painful, but also result in disfiguring skin ulcers, severe pain, and occasionally, life-threatening complications. The good news is that with the right pest control knowledge you can learn how to get rid of brown recluse and prevent it from terrorizing your home.


If you want to learn how to get rid of brown recluse then you first have to learn how to identify it. The brown recluse spider is typically light brown with slender legs extending over an area about the size of a quarter to a half-dollar. The most distinguishing feature of a brown recluse is the violin-shaped mark it has on its back. The mark is darker than the body and the “neck” of the violin points toward the rear of the spider. It also has a semicircular, paired arrangement of six eyes. But you don’t need decades of St. Louis pest control experience to know getting close enough to see that is a bad idea!


The brown recluse is dangerous, but it isn’t an overly aggressive spider. Most brown recluse spider bites occur when it is disturbed and reacts in self defense. (Warning: don’t Google brown recluse spider bites!) Since the brown recluse is nocturnal, only coming out at night to hunt, you likely won’t witness much of its behavior unless you’ve forgotten your brown recluse prevention tips and tempt fate with a surprise invasion of its habitat. Since the brown recluse spider is a hunter, and therefore doesn’t spend a great deal of time on webs, you’ll definitely want to know where it does spend its time.


Naturally, the brown recluse prefers places that are dry and generally undisturbed. They frequently hang out in woodpiles and sheds, closets, garages, and cellars. But more important to your brown recluse prevention skills is remembering that they also favor cardboard, shoes, dressers, infrequently used bed sheets, stacked or piled clothes, baseboards, and picture frames. These dark, dry, and often undisturbed habitats around your home allow the spider to live in a warm environment with close proximity to other pests that call your home, home.

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions is your St. Louis brown recluse pest control expert. Continue reading to learn more about how to get rid of brown recluse or contact us now to speak with your neighborhood pest control professional!

How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse

Because of the seriousness of a brown recluse bite, the best solution to a household infestation of these spiders is to hire a professional pest control company.  Even for professionals, infestations can be difficult to control. A combination of chemical treatments and vigorous sanitation measures are usually required to eliminate a well-established brown recluse infestation. Getting rid of brown recluse is more a game of chess than it is brute force.

In the meantime, you should focus on brown recluse prevention. Spiders commonly enter your home through rips in screens or openings around pipes or vents. Keep and eye out for and repair anything that you think might look like a welcome entrance to spiders. Also be diligent about organizing your storage areas. Clutter creates an abundant supply of hiding spaces, but organizing these spaces reduces the chances than a brown recluse spider takes residance in your stuff. Finally, carefully shake off and inspect any firewood you bring in to your home. Even if your home is sealed tight, firewood can be a trojan horse that releases a brown recluse infestation if you’re not careful.

Holper’s Approach

We get rid of brown recluse by understanding how they behave and why. We study your property and your home to understand exactly where they are coming in and where they are hiding. With over 30 years of experience, we know that spiders in one neighborhood don’t exactly behave the same as they do in another. We apply local knowledge, combined with pest control expertise, to ensure that the problem is solved and not just concealed.

If your home and peace of mind are under assault by the frightful brown recluse spider, call Holper’s today (314-732-1413) and discover how we can set you free from these pests with precision and effectiveness.