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  • Thorough Inspection

    Attic insulation is one of the best home improvement investments if you are looking for an upgrade that pays for itself in the shortest period of time. Holper’s adds an extra value to their attic insulation installation by making sure your attic is free of rodents and other pests that could compromise the efficiency of your investment. Schedule My Appointment

  • Insulation Upgrade Option

    In addition to run-of-the-mill blown-in cellulose insulation, Holper’s proudly installs T●A●P insulation, which stands for thermal, acoustical, and pest control insulation. This blown-in cellulose insulation not only seals far more efficiently than fiberglass batt insulation, it also provides two additional benefits. T●A●P provides an acoustical barrier that acts to seal out noise. But its greatest added benefit may well be that by being treated with a higher percentage of borate, this insulation also kills silverfish, spiders, and other occasional invading insects.

  • Think Savings on Heating and Cooling

    Any time of year is the right time for improving your insulation. Many people only think of the money to be saved in cold weather with heat retention. But being proactive regarding insulation in the spring helps keep your energy usage and costs lower in warmer weather by helping to hold in the cooling that your air conditioning provides. R-value and Energy Savings

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