holiday-lighting-servicesYou’ve heard about the great job Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions does in the areas of pest control and wildlife management, but did you know that we also specialize in providing holiday lighting services? Holper’s Holiday Lights — a division of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions — will hang lights on your home or building, and much more. Take a look at the comprehensive holiday lighting services we offer:


Some people simply want strings of lights to outline their home or building, while other property owners want lights that come in a special holiday design. Whether your installation involves a simple light arrangement or one that’s a bit more complex, we can create the design you want and install it just as you envisioned.


After we design your holiday lighting arrangement, we’ll move swiftly to install the display, so you can enjoy your shining lights for the duration of the season. We can hang lights in  places that are hard to reach, such as high points on homes and buildings, and in mature trees. Once installed, your lighting arrangement will be highly durable for the brisk winds of winter.


Most holiday lighting installations are operated for a short period of time and don’t require  maintenance measures or repairs. However, if maintenance and repairs are needed, we’ll jump into action and perform the work as quickly as possible. We know that installing holiday lights is about creating a striking scene, and non-working lights aren’t a part of the equation.


We will take your lights down as professionally as we installed them. The dates available for takedown services start right after January 1st.


Having a third party install and take down your Christmas lights sounds great, but what happens to the installation once it has been dismantled? When you choose Holper’s Holiday Lights, we carefully store your entire lighting display in our warehouse to preserve it for the next holiday season.


One of our holiday lighting services that people appreciate the most is our reinstallation of a well-loved lighting arrangement year after year. The display is already designed. All we have to do is take it out of storage, perform necessary maintenance, and install the display like we did the year before. Reinstalling a display is highly cost effective compared to creating a new one.

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For years, Holper’s Holiday Lights has helped property owners in the St. Louis area create and hang beautiful, professionally-installed holiday lighting arrangements that capture the spirit of the season. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate on our holiday lighting services, call us today at 314-629-LITE (5483). With Holper’s as your trusted holiday lights installer, you can spend more time enjoying the holidays!