Winter Wildlife

Maintaining a pest-free zone can be difficult during the cold winter months.  The warmth of the house combined with the promise of food can encourage critters to find a way in.

Moles, rodents, squirrels and skunks do not hibernate during the winter.  Here are a few tips for Wildlife Control during these winter months.

Secure the Garage – Since the door regularly opens and closes, the garage provides easy access for curious critters.  Keep the garage door closed as much as possible.  Make sure it is closed tightly so there is an impassable barrier.  Keep your garage clean and the garbage in a sealed container.  Wipe down stored cooking grills to keep bits of food from attracting animals.

Clear Debris from Property – Piles of debris create the perfect nesting place for animals of all sizes.  Once they have settled in, it’s only a matter of time before they begin looking for a way into your home. Eliminate potential shelters by clearing away branches and leaves that may have collected in your yard.

Cap the Chimney – Ground level is not the only place wildlife may attempt to enter your home. The solid surface on the roof makes it easy for wildlife to move about; the chimney offers an opening that falls directly into your home.  Consider a chimney cap. It allows smoke to filter out of the opening while preventing animals from finding a way in. Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will be happy to install the stainless-steel chimney cap for you!

Also, this is a great time to be thinking about preparing your home for the spring on slot of pests and animals. Holper’s Platinum Service agreement has us visiting to your home 6 times a year to protect it from Brown Recluse, Ants and those unwanted stinging insects. Just to name a few!

We love to treat your home and yard with the same care as we treat our own, and we take real pride in helping to solve all your pest control problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name! Find out the difference in St. Louis pest control by calling us today at 314-544-7378 and learning more about Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions!