Why Are Mice Such A Problem This Year?

Mice, mice, everywhere! Or at least that seems to be the case in the St. Louis region right now. What is going on to create such a bumper crop of rodents here? More importantly, what are steps to take to get rid of mice and keep them away?

Why so many mice?

Given that last winter was a mild one, far more mice than usual survived to the warm weather. And they have bred and increased exponentially during the spring, summer, and early fall to give us the population explosion that we are currently experiencing. They are looking for shelter in the colder months, so many homeowners who have never before experienced a rodent problem are dealing with this nasty pest for first time. While some might be tempted to think the mice are traveling in packs, it is merely the sheer number of mice present which gives that illusion.

What Are Steps To Keep My House Mouse-Free? 

  • Prevention is always the best policy! Have your home inspected by a pest control professional to determine any potential access points where mice could enter. A mouse needs an opening only the size of a dime to take up residence in your home.
  • Mice can climb gutters and enter at the roofline, so having an inspection that includes the roof is a wise move.
  • Your attic might be providing a habitat for mice without you knowing it until the infestation becomes huge. An attic inspection is worth the time to make sure your home is yours, and yours alone.
  • Keep baited rodent stations around the perimeter of the home year round. You want the mice to feed outside of your home and expire there, which is why we don’t use bait inside the home.
  • Don’t waste time trying purported home remedies, such as herbs, to get rid of mice. You’ll delay the inevitable call to a professional while allowing the population increase to continue.

Why Should I Call Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions? 

Good question! Holper’s has been successfully keeping St. Louis area homes pest-free for over 32 years! Let our decades of experience help give you peace of mind all year long. Call us today at 314-732-1413! We look forward to serving you.