House Mouse

What Should I Do When I Have Mice In My Home?

If you have recently found evidence of mice in your home, you are in good company. We are currently experiencing a large increase in inquiries for mice removal and control. While professional trapping and bait stations are required to completely solve the issue, there are a few things you can do to help make your home less attractive to mice:

  • Take down bird feeders in your yard. The ground underneath a birdfeeder becomes a buffet for mice, who then go back inside your home for shelter.
  • Make sure your counters and floors are always free of crumbs to avoid attracting mice and other pests.
  • Check pantries and cupboards to make sure all food is stored in airtight containers to keep unwanted bugs and rodents out.
  • Call Holper’s at 314-732-1413 to get your professional rodent removal process started!