That’s So Unusual: Unique Pest Control Needs

There are certain pest control needs that you hear about all the time: spiders, mice, ants, moles, squirrels, bed bugs, etc. But there are other pest and wildlife control issues that while rarer, are no less problematic for the property owner dealing with them. Whether it is snake nest removal, shrew control, or opossum removal, we can share with you our expertise on all things pest and wildlife control!

How Do You Handle Snake Nest Removal?

“Snake nest” is actually a misnomer. Snakes do not make nests. Most people think they have a nest when they see one or two young snakes. In reality, they are just looking for a warm place to stay when the weather turns colder. As the temperatures drop, snakes will look for den sites to enter into brumation, a hibernation-like state. The den will need to have a balance of heat, ventilation, and moisture. Most snakes will reuse the same den site annually.

Successful snake removal is always accomplished by professional trapping.

What Can I Do For Shrew Control? 

Most people who think they have shrews actually have voles. Voles are far more populous in our area than shrews. Regardless of which it is though, we can handle it!

Shrews are in the same family as moles–they are insectivores. (Curiously though, the treatment to successfully control shrews mirrors the treatment for voles, which are rodents.) To get rid of your shrews, a trained technician will bait any holes made by the shrews, as well as put out baited stations around the perimeter of the house and in any problem landscaped areas. This will cover all the bases to get rid of shrews tearing up your yard.

What Can Be Done For Opossum Removal?

Opossums are another wildlife pest that show up every now and again in our area. Opossums don’t build their own nests; instead, they take up residence in vacant nests left behind by other wildlife. Their favorite places to look for nesting are under porches and decks, so keeping those areas clean and free of old animal nests will reduce your likelihood of this problem. If you do have an opossum that has taken up residence under your porch, professional trapping will be the course of action that needs to be taken to remove your unwanted guests.

Holper’s Does It All!

Whether your problem is an everyday critter or something a little more rare like snake nest removal, shrew control, or opossum removal, Holper’s has your solution! With over three decades of excellent service to St. Louis homeowners and business owners, Holper’s really can do it all. Call us today at 314-732-1413 and we will gladly come to your rescue!