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Test Your Knowledge of Bed Bugs

I know, I know…Why would anyone want to know that much about bed bugs let alone want to test your knowledge about them?
Do you start itching just thinking about them? Me too! Holper’s continues to receive calls and Internet inquiries about bed bugs on a daily basis. It seems like most of our recent blogs have been about Bed Bugs. More and more people on the Internet are searching for information or some understanding about how bed bugs came into their lives and how to get rid of them.

Below is a short quiz to test your knowledge of Bed Bugs and a few links to our past Bed Bug blogs as a resource to your questions.

Test Your Bed Bug Knowledge: Bed Bug Trivia

  1. How do bed bugs arrive in your home?
  2. What are two signs of a bed bug infestation?
  3. True or False? You can only be bitten by a bed bug in your bed.
  4. Do bed bugs transmit disease?
  5. True or False: About 20 percent of the population is not sensitive to bed bug bites, even when bitten frequently over time.


  1. Bed bugs arrive in your home a couple of different ways, although you may never know how you got bed bugs. The ways we know about include visiting a bed bug infested motel or public area where these bugs climb onto your clothing or your personal belongings. From here they travel with you back to your home, drop off your belongings and look for a safe place to hide. Bed bugs can come into your home on friends and neighbors as well, but they don’t typically crawl into your home on their own, unless you live in an apartment building where bed bugs are infesting a nearby unit.
  2. Signs of a bed bug infestation include little red bites on your skin (usually in clusters of 2, 3 or more), bed bug fecal spots, shedding bed bug skins and in large infestations, some people recognize the scent of over-ripened raspberries to be present. Obviously seeing actual bed bugs in your home is proof of a bed bug infestation, so contacting Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions at the first sign of these pests can help eliminate the problem.
  3. False! Bed bugs can bite you in other places of your home, or even in public! You can be bitten while lounging on your couch or while spending time on public transportation, including trains, buses and airplanes. These bugs only need to find you sitting still for a little while and you can pick up bed bug bites.
  4. No! Bed Bugs are usually considered disease-free nuisances whose victims are left with only itchy welts from bites and sleepless nights. However, secondary infections may result if someone fails to keep the bites clean and disinfected, leading to swelling and bleeding of the bites.
  5. False! Only about 20% of the population is sensitive to bed bug bites. What that means is that only about 20% of people will show signs of being bitten by bed bugs and suffer the subsequent symptoms. This means that two people sharing an apartment or hotel room may both be bitten, but only the person who is allergic will wake up with bites, itching and discomfort. The non-allergic person will not notice anything different. However, even though the non-allergic person will not display bites or suffer from itching, that person is equally at risk as the allergic person for contracting secondary infections from bed bugs.

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