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wolf spider

The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf Spider

wolf spider

Image from https://infowpb.com/wolf-spider/

We all know the story of the little boy who cried wolf. I think it’s safe to say that the same little boy, if he came upon a wolf spider, might cry out, too–but in horror. Wolf spiders elicit a particularly strong response to their appearance, and it isn’t positive. What are wolf spider facts? And more importantly, how do we kill them?

Wolf Spider Facts: How To Identify a Wolf Spider 

A wolf spider carries a significant profile. Ranging from nickel-sized to half-dollar-sized, a wolf spider is a brown, fuzzy spider with a white stripe down the middle of the back. The legs are thick, brown, and fuzzy, too. The webs they spin can be large and elaborate. All of these things lead to an imposing impression when first seen.

In truth, wolf spiders are actually harmless. They look terrifying, but they pose no threat. Even so, nobody likes spiders around their homes and family, so most people include them in the list of pests they want to kill.

wolf-spiderWolf Spider Control: How To Prevent Wolf Spiders

Prevention is a professional application of a power spray to the exterior of the home. Autumn is an especially good time to start this preventative service to take care of wolf spiders, as well as all other occasional invaders that like to use your home as a refuge.

Who Can Kill My Wolf Spiders?

If you want wolf spider control, call on Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions! Our wolf spider killers will take care of wolf spiders and other seasonal pests with the most up-to-date materials and equipment available. With over thirty years of caring for St. Louis area homes, Holper’s will give you peace of mind with successful wolf spider control.

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