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Reasons To Call Exterminators for Spiders

Many homeowners assume that spiders are just “one of those things” when it comes to homeownership: If you have a home, you’re going to have them. Some think that a DIY method, with cans of spray from their local home and garden store will take care of spiders just fine. But having spiders in your home is not something you need to put up with at all. Nor do you have to deal with the frustration when you realize that your money spent on cans of store-strength bug spray didn’t take care of the problem in a significant way. Exterminators provide a very important service to homeowners, and there are important reasons to call exterminators at the first sign of spiders, or any kind of pest infestation.

Why You Have Spiders


Brown Recluse

Spiders enter homes in search of food and shelter. Other insects in your home are a food source that will encourage spiders to take a stronghold of your property. Clutter and boxes, especially in dark areas of basements, are particularly attractive to spiders as a place to dwell and reproduce. Although the peak months for spider populations are July, August, and September, spiders are a year-round issue, as they tend to move indoors when the weather gets cooler. Although primarily a nuisance issue, many people have a fear of spiders and don’t want to see a single one. A brown recluse spider is the one that changes your infestation from an annoyance to a danger, as the bite of a brown recluse contains a protein that some people are highly allergic to. A brown recluse bite can cause fever and chills, rash, nausea and vomiting, joint pain, tissue necrosis, and in rare cases, death.

Reasons to Call Exterminators for Spiders


Wolf Spider

Several of the reasons to call exterminators are:

  • Materials available to professionals are far superior to products sold commercially.
  • Exterminators can identify the different species of spiders living in your home.
  • Professionals know where to treat, and have the training to use a combination of approaches to successfully eradicate your spider problem.
  • Your time and money are valuable, and an exterminator is the most efficient use of both.
  • An ongoing pest control program, administered by trained professionals, is the only way to keep your home pest free.

Why Holper’s Technicians Are Expert Exterminators in St. Louis

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