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Rodent Control Services: Traps for Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are some of the oldest pests known to humankind. For millennia, they have infested structures that range from palaces, to barns, to private homes, with even the most modern structures not being safe. Most people don’t know that just two rodents can create a small colony within months. Two rodents can create a colony of over 300 in twelve months.  If you have a mouse problem or a rat problem, there are several ways to address it, one of which is to use rodent traps. In this entry, we look at some common types of rodent traps in terms of their effectiveness at eliminating mice and rats.

Snap Traps
Snap traps are generally recognized as the oldest type of rodent traps. They are the type of traps that the mouse character Jerry from the cartoon Tom and Jerry was always stealing cheese from. When a mouse or a rat tries to remove the bait from the trap, it is lights out: a pressurized metal bar quickly hits the rodent’s body, smashing and killing the creature.

Snap traps are inexpensive, and they do work, but they are best used for catching the occasional mouse, not eliminating an infestation that consists of multiple creatures. Furthermore, most snap traps are designed to kill the average mouse; they are often too small to effectively kill a rat. Rodenticides should never be used on the interior of a building. Rodents eat the poison, go off to die, possibly inside a wall and create a new set of problems for home owners.

Glue Traps
Glue traps are used to catch all kinds of residential pests, from spiders to mice. The traps are commonly laid near baseboards, as many pests prefer to move along baseboards instead of through the center of a room. Glue traps are considered somewhat humane because they don’t inevitably kill rodents. However, rodents must have any glue removed from their bodies before they reenter the wild; otherwise, they may have difficulty moving, and become easy prey.
Overall, glue traps are considered ineffective for trapping mice and rats, as they essentially have no containment system for the rodents, which allows the largest rodents to walk away and drag the glue trap with them. There is also the risk that household pets will encounter the traps.

Have a Rodent Problem?
If so, there are several ways to approach the situation, one of which is using the types of rodent traps listed above, among others. The key is to choose the best solution for addressing the type of pest that causes the problem, whether it consists solely of traps or includes other measures, too.  At Helper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, we help homeowners and business owners address rodent problems quickly, efficiently, and in a way that helps to prevent future rodent problems.
For more information about our rodent control services, or to schedule a free inspection of your home or business, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. Our rodent control services have created thousands of satisfied customers. Become one today!