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Regular Pest Maintenance Will Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

pest-maintenanceSpring is a time when many homeowners clean their houses from top to bottom to prepare for summer and all of the social activities that come with it, from backyard barbecues with friends, to house parties, to boarding out of town relatives.

Regardless of why you clean your house for warm weather, the task will be less of a hassle if you have a regular pest maintenance plan. When you have the plan in place, spring cleaning is made easier in the following ways, among others.

No Spiders in Leaf Collections in the Garage
Throughout autumn and winter, it isn’t uncommon for leaves to gradually blow into garages when the door is open. If you plan on cleaning leaves from your garage in spring, and you don’t have a regular pest maintenance plan, be aware that spiders may be hiding in the leaves when you sweep them out.

Using a scheduled pest maintenance plan that includes treating your garage helps eliminate the threat of spiders entering the area and making it their home. It also helps eliminate that chance that you’ll receive dangerous spider bites that require medical treatment.

No Ants Roaming the Kitchen Area
Your kitchen may be as sparkling as a crystal decanter, but if ants are marching in lines across countertops, up cabinets, and across window sills, it will be the ants and not the cleanliness of the area that you notice most.

A regular pest maintenance plan will include treating for ants, sealing up places on the exterior of the home where ants can enter, and trimming foliage around the residence so ants can’t use it as a bridge to access the outside of the house, and then look for a place to crawl inside.

No Roaches Scavenging for Dropped Food
If you use your kitchen regularly, accumulations of food debris are likely to collect in the slim spaces where the sides of your oven abut the countertop and also under the refrigerator. The food crumbs may not be edible for you, but roaches consider them delicious and will have a feast if proper pest maintenance measures aren’t performed on a regularly.

Having regular pest maintenance performed will help you clean up those gross accumulations of grub this spring without encountering something that’s even grosser: a family of roaches that scatter into nooks and crannies, when you start cleaning.

No Bed Bugs in the Bedroom and Beyond
Because bedbug infestations often start slowly and are noticed only after they reach a fevered pitch, regular pest maintenance measures are essential for catching a bed bug problem in its infancy, before it becomes so prolific that the homeowner must practically leave the residence until the problem is solved.

Imagine changing the duvet and dust ruffle on your bed for spring and seeing bed bugs scatter when you remove the linens. If you’ve ever had a serious bed bug problem, you know how harrowing the situation can be. Receiving regular pest inspections and treatments throughout the year can help prevent it from happening.

Need a Regular Pest Maintenance Plan?
Implementing a regular pest maintenance plan can simplify spring cleaning by helping to ensure that you only need to clean up dirt and debris and not deal with exterminating insects, too. To implement a pest maintenance plan that’s ideal for your needs, call the pest control specialists at Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to helping you simplify spring cleaning!

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