Do I Need Professional Mosquito Control?

With the temperatures cooling slightly this week, more St. Louisans will be spending time outside. After only a few minutes out there you will be reminded that mosquito season is still in full swing–and those guys are hungry! Besides the unpleasantness of mosquito bites, there is the very real threat of West Nile Virus, as it has been documented in the area. DIYers might think that a trip to the store will solve the problem, but in reality it is time to ask yourself an important question: Do I need professional mosquito control?

But I Like Being a DIYer!

There is an undoubtable satisfaction that comes from doing things yourself. In the case of mosquitoes, though, your only option as a civilian is a canned spray. These are usually of the fogger variety, providing no residual action, meaning you’ll have to use the fogger every time you have an event or every time you want to be outside. This is one time to put your DIY energy into another project and leave pest control to the experts.

Your greatest chance for safely enjoying your yard is monthly mosquito sprays from now through October. It is critical to have professional-grade materials applied by licensed exterminators if you want to eradicate all stages of the mosquito life cycle. Heat and rain lessen the strength of the spray over time, which necessitates a monthly re-application. Additionally, our popular garlic barrier application is an excellent repellent that many customers add on to their monthly yard sprays. Using Holper’s targeted approach for treating your yard can reduce your mosquito population by up to 97%!

Holper’s Provides Professional Mosquito Control

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has been serving St. Louis for more than 30 years! Regardless of whether your problem is an insect, a spider, or invasive wildlife, Holper’s can solve the problem. If your goal is reducing the likelihood of West Nile-carrying mosquitoes in your yard, or just want to enjoy the out of doors without being the meal for hungry mosquitoes, then Holper’s yard treatments are the solution to your pest problem. Just call 314-732-1413 to schedule your professional mosquito control!