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Professional Christmas Light Installers: Holper’s Holiday Lights Removes These Four Risks!

Christmas lights are one of the great joys of the holiday season. Many homeowners love having beautiful lighting displays on their homes each year. But getting from the vision in your head to actually having every light in place can be fraught with pitfalls. You know about the great job Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions does in the areas of pest control and wildlife management, but did you know that we are are also Christmas light installers? Holper’s Holiday Lights — a division of Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions — will hang Christmas lights on your home or building and save you from some major risks.

Risk #1: Lack of Experience

If you don’t have experience with holiday lighting installation, things could go wrong if you try to do the job on your own. Without proper knowledge, exceeding the load rating of outlets that conduct electricity is a real possibility. Lack of experience can also lead to installing strings of lights that contain fire hazards that you don’t notice. When you use our holiday lighting installation services, you needn’t worry about these predicaments. We handle the entire installation.

Risk #2:  Ladder Woes

If you own a large home that you would like to accentuate with beautiful Christmas lights, but you don’t have much experience using a ladder to access the high, difficult-to-reach places on the exterior of your house, don’t take the risk of ruining your holidays by falling from a ladder! You’ll spend your holidays in traction, instead of near the hearth among family and friends. Let our experienced holiday light installers handle the job instead.

Risk #3: We’re Not All As Surefooted As We Once Were

The holidays are an exciting time of year for many seniors. They get to see multiple generations of their family and experience the warmth and closeness that comes with gathering together to celebrate. Many seniors have given up on Christmas lights because decorating requires the use of ladders and/or working around icy walkways. But many wind up injured each year trying to hang the lights on their own. Professionally installed lighting displays remove this risk for seniors, or anyone who wants to avoid risk of injury.

Risk #4: Running Out of Time

As the holiday season approaches, many have good intentions of getting their Christmas lights up in a timely manner. But as lives get busier and busier, the fantasy of having plenty of time can turn into disappointment when there is simply too much to do in the short holiday season. If you would like to adorn your property with Christmas lights that express your passion for the season, but you simply don’t have time, call someone who does: Holper’s Holiday Lights.

The Benefits of Holper’s Holiday Lights

Holper’s has you covered every step of the way in the holiday lighting process. We do it all–design, installation, maintenance, takedown, and storage. This ensures your lighting investment is ready to be re-installed the following season.

For years, Holper’s Holiday Lights has helped property owners in the St. Louis area create and hang beautiful, professionally-installed Christmas lighting arrangements that capture the spirit of the season. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate for our holiday lighting services, call us today at 314-732-1413. With Holper’s as your trusted Christmas lighting installer, you can spend more time enjoying the holidays!