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Pest Removal Services for Businesses: Frequently Asked Questions

Rendering pest removal services in a residence often entails a different set of considerations than rendering them in a place of business. Businesses work hard to boost productivity, nurture prospective clients, and create the perfect environment for completing the tasks. Consequently. business owners often have important questions to ask providers of pest removal services before they sign a service contract, with the questions below being asked quite frequently.

Is it possible for me to handle the extermination process on my own?
If you have come to the point of searching for a provider of pest removal services, it is probably a sign that your pest problem should be handled by a professional and not you or one of your colleagues. While it is rarely a bad idea to use insect traps or mouse traps to catch the odd spider or mouse, when the problem reaches the level of infestation, an exterminator is needed.

Can I have the inspection and treatment performed after business hours?
Some providers of pest removal services are willing to accommodate businesses by performing inspections and treatments after normal business hours. including Helper’s Pest & Animal Solutions. As a matter of fact, there are some business environments that are easier to inspect and treat after hours, such as those that feature several employees working in a small space.

Will solutions be implemented that could endanger IT equipment?
We can’t speak for all providers of pest removal services, but we can guarantee that Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will take care not to damage any of your business assets, whether it is something as costly as IT equipment or something as inexpensive as common paper goods. We work hard to create satisfied customers, so we have every reason to respect your property.

Is it possible to solve my type of pest problem once and for all?
Even without knowing what your pest problem entails, we can say rather confidently that it is possible to eliminate it, and prevent the same thing from happening again. When the right pest removal services are implemented, and the exterior of the building is reinforced to prevent pests from entering the interior, there is an excellent chance that the pest problem will be gone forever, if you continue with maintenance treatments.

Are scheduled treatments more economical than as-needed treatments?
If you are a betting person, the answer is yes. Scheduled treatments prevent infestations from occurring. Because exterminating an infestation is generally far more expensive and involved than performing a maintenance treatment, it only makes sense to invest in scheduled treatments instead of paying for as-needed treatments after a pest infestation is already well underway.

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