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Pest Control Services: How to Prevent Squirrels From Invading a Home

Most homeowners don’t call pest control services to safe proof their home against squirrels until they have a squirrel problem. Damage to wall studs and floor joists, frayed electrical wires, and annoying scratching sounds coming from walls are just a few of the problems squirrels can cause when they live in your residence. But once the squirrels are eliminated, there are simple measures you can take to prevent the animals from re-entering your home and causing more carnage.

Secure Attic Vents
Attic vents with small openings keep the majority of flying or tree climbing animals from entering your attic. However, like mice and rats, squirrels can squeeze through some amazingly tight spaces to take up residence in a home. When it comes to preventing a squirrel infestation, this is why it can be quite helpful to have a provider of pest control services or a residential handyman affix wire in front of attic vents to prevent even the smallest animals from entering.

Repair Damaged Eaves
Depending on how your home is constructed, squirrels can also gain access to your attic through roof vents that have missing fascia covers. After enter a hollow eave, squirrels can ascend the rafter tail of the eave and journey through the truss until the reach a point that connects with the attic. If there are wooden boards blocking the point of entry, squirrels will chew right through them. They will also chew through other wood that gets in their way once they are in the attic.

Trim Long Tree Limbs
Squirrels can’t fly like birds, nor can they easily crawl horizontally across the underhang of a roof that is lined with aluminum siding. Consequently, the easiest way for the critters to gain access to the roof is to leap on it from tree limbs that overhang the roof. Trimming tree limbs that allow squirrels to reach the roof has an added bonus: It can help keep your gutters from filling up with leaves so quickly in autumn. A residential tree trimming company is the party for the job.

Remove Food Sources
Squirrels are like raccoons and possums in that they will gladly take advantage of unusual food that is accessible for them to consume. Having a full trash can or bird feeders near your house that attract squirrels doesn’t automatically mean they will end up in your home. However, the goal is to remove anything that could easily bring them close to the residence. A provider of pest control services can provide you with advice about the types of atypical food squirrels like to eat.

Have a Squirrel Problem?
If so, the sooner you call a provider of pest control services to fix the problem, the less damage will occur to your home, and the sooner you can look at your walls with the assurance that squirrels aren’t behind them. We use the most efficient methods to resolve any issues you may have. We also identify infestation prevention solutions such as the ones above. Call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com, to set up a free inspection.