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Mole Solutions: Kill Traps Versus Mole Poison

If only moles understood how bad they make your yard look, they might stick to borrowing deep underground instead of burrowing near the surface, too. However, unless you live in a Disney movie, where you have the power to talk with animals, the ugly, winding mole tunnels in your yard will not go away without the professional implementation of a mole control strategy.

For many property owners, getting rid of moles comes down to using of one of two mole solutions: kill traps or mole poison. Based on our many years of experience in applying different mole solutions, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has found that using kill traps is a better method of mole elimination than using mole poison. Below are four major reasons why.

  1. Kill Traps Are More Humane

You read it right: Kill traps are more humane than poison. Instead of forcing moles to endure the slow agony of perishing by poison, kill traps kill the animals almost instantly. If you have a mole infestation, and you are concerned about treating animals humanely, using kill traps is the best solution.

  1. Kill Traps Always Do the Job

One of the lesser known facts about mole poison is that much of it is grain-based. Because the diet of moles consists primarily of earthworms and other ground dwelling organisms, they often fail to consume enough poison to kill them, if they consume any of it at all. Conversely, as long as they are implemented correctly, kill traps work 100 percent of the time for killing yard moles.

  1. Kill Traps Quantify Results

One of the biggest challenges of using poison is determining how many moles you have killed. Did a mole eat the poison and go deeper in its tunnels to die, or did several moles nibble on the poison and not consume enough to kill them? It is impossible to tell. When a trap deploys, on the other hand, you know that a dead mole is under it, which makes it easier to quantify results.

  1. Kill Traps are Cost Effective

Both mole poison and kill traps are economical mole solutions. However, considering that traps work 100 percent of the time, whereas mole poison often requires several applications to achieve even a small measure of success, using kill traps is typically the most cost effective option in the long run. No chemical attractants or special food is used, just the kill traps alone.

Searching for Mole Solutions?

If so, you may be trying to decide whether to use kill traps or mole poison to exterminate moles in your yard. In our experience, the former option works best for the reasons listed above, among others. For more information about how kill traps compare to other mole solutions, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to eliminating your mole problem, and helping you restore your yard to how it looked before moles invaded.