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Mice Control Services – It’s that Time of Year Again

In regions where winter brings cold temperatures that dip below the freezing point, many animals that are seen out and about during warm weather seem to disappear. Where do they go? When it comes to mice, the answer could be that they have gone inside your residence, where warm temperatures, plenty of nesting materials, and various food sources create the perfect environment for them to feed, breed, and create comfortable nests for their offspring.

Signs You Have a Mouse Problem
Like other pest infestations, a mouse infestation usually has humble beginnings. It often starts out with just a few mice entering a home or a building — a situation that homeowners and building owners are aware of, unless they happen to see a mouse scamper across the floor.

However, because mice breed quickly, what was initially a few mice in the structure can easily balloon into a thriving mouse colony within a year’s time. When a mouse infestation reaches this point — or is well on its way to reaching it — the property owner often starts to notice signs of the infestation. Because observing these signs are usually what triggers the person to request mice control services, it’s imperative for property owners to be aware of signs of infestation.

Mouse Droppings
Mouse feces has a unique appearance that distinguishes it from feces that other types of invading pests leave behind. Mice are not discreet about where they defecate, which is why mouse droppings tend to be one of the first things that indicate mice are present. Common places for mouse droppings are pantries, cabinets, storage boxes, and along baseboards.

Damaged Food Packaging
After mice enter a structure, they naturally start to search for sources of food — a search that often leads them to cabinets and pantries where food items are stored. The packaging for many foodstuffs are simply no match for the gnawing power of mice. Consequently, when a home or a building is infested with the critters, it’s not uncommon to find several holes in food containers.

Holes in Wood Products
Wood is another material that mice use their sharp teeth to penetrate. Mice often chew through wood in search of a nesting place or to access food in closed cabinets and other repositories for edibles. If you notice small, ragged holes in furniture, paneling, cabinetry or other wood products, mice may be to blame. A mice control services provider can make the determination.

Chewed Electrical Wires
There are several theories about why mice chew electrical wires. One theory is that mice chew on wires to sharpen their teeth. Another theory is that they do it to offset pain that comes from tooth growth. Regardless of why mice chow down on wires, the fact is that they do, potentially causing serious damage to electrical wires for lighting, HVAC equipment, appliances, and more.

Scratching Sound in Walls
When mice move through narrow spaces behind walls, they often make a scratching sound — a noise that typically results from claws scratching against drywall and/or teeth chewing new holes to further invade the residence. If you hear scratching behind walls in your home or building, you probably don’t need to call ghostbusters. Call a provider of mouse control services instead.

Dealing With a Mouse Problem?
Mice can infest a home or a building in any season, but pest exterminators often notice an increase in mice control issues during cold weather. Like people, mice need a warm place to live in cold weather, but if they infest your home or building, they won’t pay rent or respect your possessions. Instead, they’ll damage your possessions — and potentially in a very costly way, not to mention the risk of virus and disease they could be carrying.

If you think that your home or building may have a mouse problem, follow your hunch and contact Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions for mice control services. We have many years of experience in removing mice and other bothersome creatures from homes and buildings in the St. Louis metropolitan area — and we can banish them from your home or building, as well.

In addition to removing pests, we also examine the exterior of a residence or a building to assess whether holes through which the critters may have entered need to be sealed up.

To schedule a free inspection of your home or building, please call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to putting an end to your pest problem!