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Household Pests: Are Bats Dangerous?

Bats have polar reputations. They are known as blood sucking animals that can attack humans, but they are also known as great mosquito killers and killers of other annoying insects. In fact, some residential owners go so far as to build a bat house on their property in order to cut down inspect populations, but these homeowners could unwittingly cause themselves a bat problem, one that must be addressed by a professional pest company that specializes in bats removal.

Are Bats Dangerous?
Most bats in the U.S. feed on fruit and on insects, so there is a low chance that a bat would swoop in and bite your neck, turning you into one of the immortal undead. However, bats are known to behave erratically when they carry advanced rabies. In this situation, bats may uncommonly strike humans. When this happens, the person goes to the hospital to receive an extended regimen of anti-rabies injections that are rendered by long needles in the posterior.

Are bats dangerous? is also a question to ask for how they physically affect your home. They look for a warm place to roost in the winter, and nothing works quite as well as the insulated attic of a home. Once inside the home, bats cause other problems, such as producing voluminous amounts of feces that can build into large piles beneath positions where bats roost. At best, this is an unsanitary condition that can attract additional insects that feed on the feces. At worst, the guano could dry and release particulate matter that is breathed by those in the residence.

A third reason why bats can be dangerous is that they are hosts for what are known as ”bat bugs”. These bugs look similar to bed bugs, but you can tell the difference by observing them under a microscope. Although bat bugs prefer to draw blood from bats, they have no problem journeying into the human environment when the bat population doesn’t offer enough sustenance. This means that you, your family, and your pets could be hosts for the bugs.

Are bats dangerous? Considering all the havoc they could cause to your home, the answer is a resounding “yes”. This is why, for most people, hiring an exterminator is the best option.

Avoiding Bat Problems
Almost all inner home bat problems start with bats invading the residence in one way or another. One of the most popular places of entry is through unsecured attic spaces that have ventilation windows through which bats can easily fit. Bats can also squeeze through the small openings, where the eave of the house meets the attic space. It only take about ½” of space for bats to gain entry, so it’s imperative to take outside control measures that concern exterior entry points.

Securing your home against household pests such as bat infestations may take a bit of work, but when you consider the potential negative fallout of a bat infestation, the investment is worth it. To discuss bat removal methods and schedule a free inspection of your home to see if it has a bat problem, call us at (314) 732-1413, or email us at info@holperspest.com. We look forward to banishing your bat problem, and you help develop a friendlier response to the question: Are bats dangerous?