How to Get Rid of Gnats and Flies

We all have had summer picnics and cookouts ruined by gnats and flies swarming around us and our food outside. It is something we have come to expect. But when autumn rolls around and those pests are showing up inside of our homes, that is where we draw the line. Why are so many people experiencing an influx of gnats and flies at this this time of year? More importantly–how to we get rid of gnats and flies?


Moth Fly

Bug Basics

Identifying the type of insect you have is the first step in getting rid of them. Where you are finding them is the key to identifying them:

  • If the flying insects are primarily in your kitchen, you likely have fruit flies or gnats. They are very similar in appearance and behavior, so they are often mistaken for one another.
  • If you are finding bugs around basement drains and drains in unused bathrooms, your pest is probably a moth fly. You may have heard of these referred to as a drain fly or a sewage fly.
  • If you are seeing flying bugs around windows or indoor plants, you might have fungus gnats, which are smaller than the gnats you’d see in your kitchen.
  • fungas-gnat

    Fungas Gnat

    If you are finding the insects around the kitchen garbage can, you likely have a plain old house fly. When natural or decaying trash is leaking from the bag, it draws these insects like a magnet.

Why Am I Seeing Them This Time of Year?

As the weather turns colder in autumn, insects need to move indoors to survive. Once inside they are looking for food sources, shelter, and places to lay eggs. Some are looking for moisture, and some are looking for filth, such as food debris and residue. The increased numbers viewed inside of the home are due to the hatching eggs of the recent invaders. These multiple life stages will require diversified treatment approaches.

How to Combat Gnats and Flies


Drain Fly

Usually DIY treatments are ineffective long-term because the formulations of over-the-counter products are inferior and they do not attack the multiple stages at their sources. A trained professional exterminator from Holper’s will begin with a thorough inspection, along with an interview of the homeowner to incorporate his/her observations into creating the treatment plan. (Saving samples of the insects found in order to show the technician is very helpful to identifying what pests you have!)  A combination of micro-encapsulated sprays, foaming agents for the drains, light traps, gnat traps, fruit fly traps, and granular insecticides will be customized to your specific needs for your specific infestation.

The Difference With Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions

After more than three decades of serving the Greater St. Louis area, Holper’s has earned the reputation for expert pest control. Regardless of the type of gnat or fly you are currently battling, a call to Holper’s is your best bet, because Holper’s knows how to get rid of gnats and flies. Our superior knowledge utilizing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) will address your specific needs and get to the root of the problem quickly. We look forward to giving you back your home. Call today at 314-732-1413 to set up your appointment. We know how to get rid of gnats and flies!