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Ant Removal Services: Three Places Ants Like to Hide in Your Home

Now that warm weather is here, do you find yourself performing your own ant removal services, laying down one ant trap after another, hoping to eradicate those lines of ants that march like soldiers across your counters, window frames, and furniture? If so, you may have more than a seasonal ant problem, you may have a full-blown ant infestation.

If so, the ants probably aren’t coming into your home from the outside, gathering up morsels of food for the colony, and then heading back to nature to deliver the goods. A more likely scenario is that the ants have found a place to hide in your residence, as they try to build colonies in the house areas where sustenance is plentiful and easy to get, such as the areas below.

Inside Walls
Ants are natural ground dwellers, but they aren’t committed to living solely in soil. They mostly want an enclosed space that makes it hard for their natural predators to disrupt the colony. Consequently, if ants find that your home is a good place to secure sustenance, they won’t mind trading their subterranean surroundings for a living space inside a wall in your residence.

Once ants start colonizing in the walls of your home, they become virtually impossible to eradicate with do-it-yourself solutions. More often than not, professional ant removal services, such as those that Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions provides, are needed to solve the problem.

Potted Plants
Because ants are naturally inclined to colonize in soil, it isn’t much of stretch for them to use the soil of a large, potted plant to form a sister colony. Because the soil for potted plants is typically rather dark, it can be hard to see ants moving across it. However, you can often see them climbing on the leaves and stems of the plant, as they go about their food gathering missions.

If a potted plant in your home is home base for an ant colony, you may be able to solve the problem by repotting the plant and depositing the old soil away from your residence. However, if the ants have been in the pot long enough, some of them may have migrated to other places in your home — a situation that typically requires professional ant removal services.

Air Conditioners
In addition to spots that offer protective seclusion, ants also like places that have a steady supply of moisture. When they live outside, rainwater soaks into the soil and provides the moisture ants need. But when they move their operations indoors, they sometimes colonize inside air conditioning units due to the high level of condensation inside the equipment.

If it comes down to getting a new air conditioner or using ant removal services to purge the equipment of ants, we recommend the latter solution. Why? Because air conditioners can be expensive, and the problem isn’t really your air conditioning unit; it is the ants that live inside it.

Have an Ant Problem?
Don’t hesitate, let Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions examine your residence as soon as possible. We’ll know exactly what must be done to solve the problem. For more information about our ant removal services and removal services for other pests, call us today at (314) 732-1413, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you!