Is St. Louis Experiencing More Wasps This Summer?

It sure seems like we’ve been hearing about significantly more stings from wasps this summer. Maybe you’re experiencing that, too. Do you know how to tell a wasp from other stinging insects? Do you know how to recognize a wasp nest? Why are we seeing so many wasps this year? Most importantly, do you know who can help you get rid of your wasp problem? You’re about to find out!

The ABCs of Wasps

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions gets a lot of calls about wasps, primarily about the European wasp, which is fairly new to St. Louis. These wasps resemble yellow jackets in color (yellow and black striped), but European wasps are about 1¼ inches long (½” longer than a yellow jacket). Also, like yellow jackets, wasps have pointed stingers capable of multiple stings. Ouch!

European wasps make a cone-shaped paper nest that often is built under overhangs of houses and inside the hollow fencing around pools. Sheltered areas, like soffits and corners, are prime real estate for their nests, too. Their nests can hold up to 75 wasps, and like you, wasps are very protective of their homes. European wasps are extremely aggressive, and need no provocation to attack. Remember, an angry wasp can sting you over and over, and it will!

Why So Many Wasps? 

You’ve probably noticed more wasps, and other stinging insects, in your yard this year. Wasp populations fluctuate from year to year–warmer winters mean less die-off of insect pests, like the wasp. No doubt you are seeing more of all the stinging pests, as well as other insects this season. They are everywhere!


Take The Sting Out of Summer With Holper’s! 

While it is impossible to guarantee stinging pests won’t stop by for a visit this summer, a professional inspection done by Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions provides results! We show you not only where wasps and other stinging insects are staking claim to your home or yard, but also where they are likely to take up residence with you! Nest removal, followed by regularly timed treatments for stinging insects, will help your family have a more enjoyable summer by reducing the chance of stinging insects building nests in or near your home. Want to take the sting out of summer? Let Holper’s show you how we take GREAT care of St. Louis area homes. Call 314-732-1413 today!