Pest Control Questions

St. Louis Pest Control Questions

Is there something bugging you? Well, we’ve got answers! Wherever we go, people see the Holper name on our trucks and uniforms and approach us with questions. These are some of the questions we’ve gotten recently. Maybe some of them are your St. Louis pest control questions, too!

Is there a brown recluse spider repellent?

Boy, do we ever wish we could say yes, but the answer is no. They live wherever they want without intervention from professionals. Brown recluse are very hard to get rid of, which is why Holper’s is so successful exterminating–we know the secret to success is treating the wall voids where the spiders hide. We are proud of our excellence in this area!

Do ants hate pepper?

While it is true that ants will avoid a lot of kitchen spices, the tradeoff is that the ants just move to other locations in your home. It may seem like pepper is repelling the ants, but ants can find lots of places in your house where there are not spices!

How do you kill bagworms?

Bagworms need to be treated with professional grade pesticides handles by trained technicians. The best time to book treatment is in the month of May before the worms hatch and make their bags. But you can reduce their numbers any time of the season by having a treatment done. It’s not too late!

When do wasps sleep?

While wasps do not actually sleep, they do return to their nests at night to rest.

Can you use a roach fogger for termites?

You can’t. Termites require specialized treatments to keep them from destroying your largest investment, your home.

Do moth balls get rid of squirrels?

We get asked a lot about moth balls being a remedy for different pests, and the answer is always a resounding no! They are dangerous to the pets and humans in your home, so help spread the word that moth balls are a big no-no for DIY pest control.

Who is the best in St. Louis pest control?

Thanks for asking–we sure think we are! We love to treat your home and yard with the same care as we treat our own, and we take real pride in helping to solve all your pest control problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name! Find out the difference in St. Louis pest control by calling us today at 314-732-1413 and learning more about Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions!