Squirrel driving you nuts

Four Reasons Why Holper’s Is Your Squirrel Problem Solution

Is scratching in your walls and attic driving you nuts?  Are squirrels running on your roof or on the power lines leading to your house?  Do you see them disappearing above your gutters?  Does it sound like something is knocking on your ceiling?  You, my friend, likely have yourself a good old-fashioned squirrel problem.  Luckily, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has a customized treatment plan for you!

1)         Holper’s Thorough Inspection Process

Squirrel coming out of roof ventScratching in the walls and attic, and/or knocking noises above your head, can also be the calling cards of mice, raccoons, birds, and, on rare occasions, opossums.  An inspection by Holper’s is the only way to determine which pest has invaded your home.  After consulting with you to pinpoint where the noises have been heard, your Holper’s technician will inspect the gutter line and the roof, looking for entry points and damage.  If no obvious entry points are found, the attic will also be investigated to help ID your pest(s).

2)         Pest Identification and Customized Treatment Plans

Squirrel in gutterOnce the Holper’s technician has confirmed that you do have squirrels, he can begin to formulate a customized treatment plan addressing not only the infestation, but also the damage. Variables that will be evaluated are the construction of your home, the location/height of the entry points, and the types of entry points (e.g. gable vents, mushroom vents, gutter line, dormers, etc.).  Consideration of these will determine the type of trap(s) used.  While the trapping phase is progressing, Holper’s will monitor activity at the entry points.  Monitoring is done to ensure that no animals remain in the structure.  Since every infestation is different, the length of time for the completion of trapping will vary by population density; however, most Holper’s clients find this phase to be over within 30 days, and often less time than that.

3)         Guaranteed Repairs

Once it has been confirmed that no activity has occurred at the monitoring site(s) for at least seven days, Holper’s starts the final step: repairing the damage done by the squirrels.   The goal of a Holper’s repair is to blend so seamlessly with the surrounding area that it cannot be detected.  Holper’s takes great pride in the quality of the repairs done for their clients–so much so that they guarantee no animal will get through their repair.  Pride of workmanship is just one hallmark of the Holper’s difference.

4)         Holper’s Has the Knowledge and Experience

With over 31 years of nuisance wildlife trapping success, the technicians of Holper’s are nationally known as trapping experts.  Holper’s technicians are thoroughly trained in multiple trapping methods to ensure that your customized treatment plan will be the most effective.  In over three decades in the Greater St. Louis area, Holper’s has handled nearly every kind of situation imaginable, giving Holper’s depth of knowledge through practical experience.  When added to their intensive in-house training, field training, and attendance at national seminars, the Holper’s team is the clear choice for your squirrel problem.

To schedule your free consultation, call 314-732-1413.  A friendly member of our excellent Customer Care Team will be happy to assist you in taking the first step to solve your squirrel problem with a customized treatment plan from Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions.