Skunk Problems – Love is in the Air

It may not be a very common problem, but when you get a skunk problem, it is always best to call a professional. While Skunks are animals that hibernate, they wake up in January and February with one thing on their mind – mating. Near the end of fall a male skunk tries to find his little harem of females and move under a porch to hibernate. When they wake up the male skunk mates with his group of females and they then look for a nearby place to go back into hibernation awaiting the blessed event – babies under your front porch!

This is very common in the South County area as well as Chesterfield, Maryland Heights and St Charles areas. Nearby rivers provide the perfect place for skunks to live.

If you catch them now before they go back to sleep you will likely be dealing with a smaller number, but if you wait until May or June, the babies will already  be out, having a good time and showing off their spray just to say “Look what I can do Mom.” You may notice by the OVERWHELMING ODOR coming through the concrete. It may cause you even to leave your home and have some heavy duty cleaning done to your house to remove the odor.

I have had customer’s kids sent home from school because of the smell of skunk on their clothes. Not a good day.So what should you do? Dial one number to rescue your family. Call Holper’s !!!!!

We have the experience and expertise to deal with these unwanted varmints.
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