Preventative Pest Control: Be Proactive About Preventing Infestations

At Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, we often receive calls and emails from homeowners and business owners who are in a state of distress due to a pest infestation in their residence or building. While this situation is totally understandable — it is often difficult for non-professionals to recognize an infestation in its infancy — there is something that can prevent it from happening: Taking advantage of our preventative pest control program that prevents pest infestations.

What is Preventative Pest Control?
Preventative pest control is a proactive approach to preventing rodents, insects, squirrels, and other bothersome pests from infesting a home or a building. As far as the actual treatment goes, it is typically performed on a quarterly or bi-monthly schedule, and consists of different treatment procedures as seasons change. Is preventative pest control a good option for you? Consider the important benefits that come with taking a proactive approach to preventing pest infestations.

Easy to Predict Pest Control Costs
The cost of exterminating a pest infestation in a home or building is nearly impossible to predict without performing an inspection. With preventative pest control, on the other hand, you know exactly how much you will pay to keep pests away. If you are a business owner or a homeowner who operates on a budget, predicting pest control costs may be a necessity.

Seasonal Approach to Extermination
Different seasons in Missouri tend to bring different pest problems. For example, ants and moles tend to be most active in the warm months, whereas pests that live primarily indoors, when the option is available, may appear to be more active in cold weather. This is why it is important to take a seasonal approach to preventing pest infestations.

Eliminates the Prospect of Infestations
Not only is exterminating an infestation often costlier than performing preventative pest control. It is also more mentally harrowing. As everyone who has been through a major pest infestation knows, the psychological discomfort often outweighs the physical discomfort. If you have never experienced an infestation, consider yourself lucky, and invest in preventative pest control.

Customizable Based on Your Needs
Although it is often advertised as if it were, pest control is not a one-size-fits all solution. Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions will create a custom pest prevention program that is tailored to your unique needs.

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Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has provided preventative pest control strategies to homeowners and business owners throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area for many years. Not only do we have a keen understanding of the pests that Missourians face. We also understand the pests that St. Louisans tend to encounter in different sections of the metro area.

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