St. Louis Brown Recluse

Are There Poisonous Spiders in Missouri?

It’s bad enough to think about spiders in your house and yard, but have you wondered if they are dangerous, in addition to just having an extreme “ick” factor? Are there poisonous spiders in Missouri?

The simple answer is yes–there are two types of spiders in Missouri that people refer to as poisonous. But in truth only one has venom, and it is the extremely rare black widow spider. Luckily for those of us in the St. Louis area, this is not the part of the state one would usually find this rare spider.

That’s not to say that St. Louis gets away from the dangerous spider game unscathed–St. Louis is a virtual hotbed for the brown recluse spider. And they are at a peak right now. When a brown recluse bites you, it secretes a protein into the wound that many people have an extreme sensitivity to. This leads to the misnomer “poisonous” being attached to the brown recluse spider. Many people actually have no more reaction to a brown recluse bite than to any other spider bite–only 10% of brown recluse spider bites even require medical attention!

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