Pet-Friendly Pest Control: Pet-Safe Rat & Mice Removal Services

Some animals we love having in our homes–our beloved pets. These furry companions truly are members of our families and they hold special places in our hearts. But some animals, like mice and other rodents, are not so welcome when we find evidence that they have taken up residence in our abodes. Because our pets are part of the family, it is only natural that an immediate concern is how to get rid of the unwanted pests in a way that is pet-friendly and pet-safe. At Holper’s Pest & Animal Control, your pet’s safety is very important to us–almost all of us are pet owners, too!  Our guidelines for mice and rodent control include safeguards to make sure you and your whole family, pets included, stay safe and sound.

Pet-Friendly Safeguards: The Three Step Holper Way

Our owner and founder, Jeff Holper, is a long-time dog owner. When choosing the rodenticide that our company would use, pet safety was a big part of his decision. For that reason, Mr. Holper trained all his technicians to use the safest rodenticide on the market in the most secure way.

When you call Holper’s for mice and rodent control, your technician will:

  • Do a thorough inspection to find where the mice/rodents are entering the home
  • Place tamper-resistant (for pets and children!) rodent baiting stations accordingly around the external perimeter of the home to draw the rodents out to eat the rodenticide bait–this way they die outside of your home and not inside!
  • Place rodenticide in the tamper-resistant stations–this rodenticide contains a blood thinner in doses so miniscule that it can only affect mice and rodents. The doses are too small to affect larger animals, such as pets. If accidentally ingested by a pet, it harmlessly passes through the system in 48 hours, with the only telltale sign being yellow stools.

We would never use anything in and around your home that we wouldn’t use on our own homes. In the 30-plus years that Holper’s has serviced the greater St. Louis area, we have never experienced a pet or a child getting into a rodent station.

Let Holper’s Provide Pet-Friendly Mice & Rat Control For Your Family

For over three decades, Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions has provided superior service to our customers, many of whom we have cared for since we opened back in 1985. Our Quality Pro® Certified technicians, who receive ongoing training, are always up to date on the latest developments in materials, equipment, and techniques for exterminators, as being low-impact to the environment is always our goal. We know you have options in exterminators, and we at Holper’s are confident that choosing us as your pet-friendly exterminators will be a choice you are glad you made. Call today at 314-732-1413 to take the first step in allowing Holper’s to give you back your home. The peace of mind you will receive is priceless.