Pest Management: Why Let Us Handle the Squirrels in Your Home?

Squirrels are cute creatures that are a welcome sight in woodland areas, parks, and other sylvan settings that they naturally inhabit. However, squirrels are also a bit like people: They enjoy being surrounded by nature, but they like to inhabit the cozy rooms of a home, too. If your home has a squirrel problem, there are plenty of pest management companies you can call, but we strongly feel that we are the best option. Below are four important reasons why.

No Poison is Used
Some pest management companies use a poison of some sort as the primary solution, but we prefer to take a different, more humane approach. Squirrels can be trapped quite efficiently, so there is really no reason to lay out poison pellets that could be picked up by household pets, or, worse yet, children. Trapping squirrels instead of poisoning them also prevents the animals from dying in wall spaces, where their carcasses would be very difficult to remove.

Reinfestation Prevention
Removing squirrels from your home without using strategies to prevent them from re-entering it is like refilling a cracked drinking glass without fixing the crack. If you don’t address the problem at the source, you will just end up having to take the same measure again and again. After all the squirrels are out of your home, we will propose measures to prevent them from entering it again, such as securing attic vents with strong wire and capping damaged eaves and repairing entry points.

Complete Explanation
Some pest management companies just walk into a home, do their thing, and then leave, thinking that the customer is satisfied. We take customer service a step further and explain everything that will be done to remove squirrels, how they will be removed, and what you should do to prevent another infestation. You pay us hard earned money to remove pests, and we feel that you would probably like to know exactly what you are paying for, and why.

Have Unwelcome Guests?
If squirrels have started to turn a space in your home into their own private residence, the problem only stands to get worse as the animals reproduce and make permanent nests. That is why it is important to call an experienced pest management company as soon as possible to receive a free inspection. The sooner the squirrels are gone, the sooner you will have more peace of mind. Call us today at (314) 732-1413, or email us at

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