House Mouse

Outdoor Mouse Control: Do I Need a Mouse Exterminator?

EEK! A MOUSE! This time of year you need to be careful, or a mouse will be playing inside of your home. We are mouse exterminators, providing successful mouse control!

 Mouse Identification

Mouse-droppingsThere are two mouse types you will see this time of year in the St. Louis area. The first one is a house mouse. The house mouse has fur that is grayish brown, and a tail equal to the length of its body. From nose to tip of the tail, a house mouse is five to seven inches in length. House mouse droppings are roughly 3/8 inch long, black, and very hard.

The second mouse that is common right now is the white-footed deer mouse. This mouse has brown fur with a white belly, as well as white feet. An adult white-footed deer mouse has a body length of 3.5 inches to 3.9 inches, not including the tail. The tail will add another 2.5 inches to 3.8 inches to the overall length. The droppings are very similar to a house mouse, but since these mice are associated with Hantavirus, sweeping up their droppings on your own could be deadly.

(If you are seeing a mouse outside, it could actually be a vole you are seeing! Voles will have gray to charcoal gray fur. If you are finding one-inch diameter holes or 3/4 inch wide concave tunnels outside, a vole is your problem. Luckily for you, we can take care of your vole issue, too!)

How Did I Get a Mouse in My House?

A mouse needs only to find an opening as small as a dime to gain access for food and shelter. Common entry points are: gaps where the gutter line meets the roof; cracks in the foundation; warped siding; and garages. They also gain entry where utility lines enter the home.

DID YOU KNOW: When a mouse first makes its way into your house, it leaves a trail of urine droplets (up to 3,000 droplets a day!) that creates a path for other mice to follow into your home?

 Professional Mouse Control

House-mouseWhen you are in need of mouse control, it is important to use the services of a reputable pest control company, such as Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions. For mouse control, our expert service begins with a thorough inspection to develop a treatment plan for your specific problem. Once entry points are located, your home will be treated with a personalized combination of baited mouse stations, mouse traps, and repairs to entry points.

It is important to note that all mouse droppings are a biohazard and should only be cleaned up by a professional using proper safety equipment, especially in the case of white-footed deer mouse droppings, which are linked to the deadly Hantavirus.

Holper’s looks forward to providing you with successful indoor and outdoor mouse control and mouse extermination. Please call 314-732-1413 to set up your appointment today.