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Insulation and Weatherization Bring Homeowners Peace of Mind

Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions, the company that’s been giving customers “Peace of Mind” for over 34 years, is now offering “Peace of Mind” for Insulation and Weatherization customers!

Improve Energy Efficiency

With the cold and hot weather we have here in the Midwest, having your home be  more energy efficient can be one of the most cost effective steps you can take in lowering your utility bills. Holper’s can assist you with those steps. We are now offering attic, wall, basement and crawl space insulation. We can spray foam drafty board and rim sills where pests, spiders and unwanted animals can enter, while lowering your energy costs.

There are so many homes that do not have the correct amount of insulation; by adding just a few inches of blown-in-attic insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs significantly.  Did you know that utility companies like Spire and Ameren will provide low cost financing for improving the efficiency of your home or commercial building?

Home Energy Inspection

Learn the A B C’s of insulation and weatherization from Holper’s! Have one of our Certified Building Analyst come out and do an inspection and learn how to keep pest and animals out while maintaining the efficiency of your home.

We take pride in helping to solve all your pest and energy problems. That’s why “solutions” is part of our name! Call us today at 314 544 7378 and learning more about how we can give you “Peace of Mind”!