How To Tell If You Have Termites or Ants

With the wet end to April and beginning of May, homes in St. Louis are seeing many crawling bugs looking for dry refuge. While spiders are very distinctive, some others may look very similar to one another. Since knowledge of your pest type is the key to a successful treatment plan, it becomes critical to know how to tell if you have termites or ants. Once that is determined the termite treatments can begin or the ant infestation can be addressed.

Termites vs. Ants–How To Tell Which Pest You Have

ants-or-termitesWhile most people would assume that they would be able to tell the two apart, there are situations that occur that lead one to be mistaken for the other. We are used to ants being wingless creatures and termites having wings, but that is not always the case.

When termites swarm their wings come off, which often leads to them being mistaken for ants. These swarms usually occur where a patio/porch/driveway slab touches the house, and the swarm can be inside or outside. Since the wings come off in the swarm, the termites will now resemble typical ants. If you see discarded wings nearby, you have termites and not ants.



Some carpenter ants have wings, leading homeowners to mistake them as termites. There is an important distinction between the wings, though–on termites the wings are equal to twice the length of the body. On carpenter ants the wings only reach just beyond the end of the body length.

Another way to tell the difference between the two is that termites will congregate in a large number close together. Ants will tend to be found in the stereotypical line of ants.

Now What Do I Do?

If your invader is a termite, treatment begins with a thorough inspection by Holper’s Pest & Animal Solutions to determine the level of invasion, the extent of damage, and the areas that need to be treated. Once completed, a personalized treatment plan is formulated for your specific home based on the inspection results, linear footage of the home, and the house construction materials.

Odorous Ant

If an ant infestation is found to be the problem, the only way to rid your home of ants, or any other insects/pests, is to have your home professionally treated. Holper’s has been taking care of St. Louis homes since 1985, using low-impact materials for the safety of you and your pets. What sets Holper’s apart, and contributes to their success, is a three-pronged attack on your ant infestation: treating the inside, treating the outside, and using bait outside of your home. Once the initial infestation has been eradicated, this service is done quarterly to ensure that your home stays clear of ants and many other unwanted insects, and the program includes a full guarantee.


Holper’s Knows How To Tell If You Have Termites or Ants

For over three decades Holper’s has been giving St. Louis area homeowners peace of mind with friendly, responsible, and successful pest control services. Whether you need termite treatments, help with an ant infestation, or any type of pest and wildlife control, one call to Holper’s is all you need to do. Call 314-732-1413 today!